Ibos : figure de la politique en Bigorre, Daniel Frossard a été fait Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur

l’essentiel Ancienne figure de la politique en Bigorre et maire d’Ibos de 1989 à 2013, Daniel Frossard a été fait Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur.

Many people responded to Daniel Frossard’s invitation to attend the presentation of the Knight of the Legion of Honor Medal, which was awarded to him last January. His friend, Jean Glavany, a former minister, officiated for this occasion in the prestigious hall of the Ibos town hall, which holds special significance for the former mayor.

He started his speech by mentioning Daniel Frossard as a man of conviction, not a revolutionary or conservative, but rather a social democrat in the sense understood by Camus. Frossard is committed to fighting for all freedoms, both individual and collective, as well as for social justice. He is always calming, unifying, and appreciative of the work done by others.

Brillante carrière politique

While recalling Daniel Frossard’s illustrious political career, Jean Glavany traced their shared journey. Politics often brought them together; they have jointly advocated for numerous causes and issues.
« Je voudrais rappeler sa très belle carrière municipale, son rôle majeur dans le développement de la communauté d’agglomération, dès 1995, jusqu’en 2014, son mandat de « conseiller général » de 2004 à 2011, la présidence du Syndicat Départemental d’Energie (dont il était membre depuis 1992) à la suite de François Fortassin, en 2017, la présidence de l’Association des Maires de 2001 à 2014, à laquelle lui a succédé Viviane Artigalas, sénatrice des Hautes-Pyrénées ».

The former minister wanted to pay tribute to Daniel Frossard for the courage he showed in convincing municipal officials to join the Grand Tarbes, even though Ibos had significant resources. « The mayor of Ibos was a visionary who quickly understood that this union would create the strength needed to establish a logical territory. » Jean Glavany praised all those who were able to go beyond their own interests to serve the territory.

He also mentioned the crucial connection with Yves Baradat, his supervisor at the tax office, as well as the deputy mayor of Pau at the time, André Labarrère. Baradat served as a mentor to Daniel Frossard, expediting his entry into politics.

Un engagement total

Then came the time to talk about his personal life, with this family that brings his life to life. Even though Daniel Frossard is still passionately interested in politics – he is still very involved in the Socialist Party – he happily dedicates time to accompany his family, as well as to travel.

« I cannot reword »
When Daniel Frossard spoke, there was a great deal of emotion in the room due to the praise he received, for himself, his family, and the friends present. « I am very proud of this distinction, which reflects on the teams that have supported me and on the village, » he explained. He recounted his successful journey, always driven by a desire to serve others, which has guided him in his professional and extracurricular activities, including unionism, mutualism, and of course politics.

Sa carrière professionnelle s’est déroulée à Tarbes, au centre des impôts, où il est entré en 1970. Adhérent au parti socialiste depuis 1974, il s’est engagé dans la vie municipale à Ibos dès 1977, devenant maire en 1989 jusqu’en 2013.

Ses mandats se sont toujours concrétisés par des actions en direction du plus grand nombre : la construction de logements, d’une école maternelle, d’une maison médicale, d’un centre de loisirs, d’un cours couvert de tennis, d’une extension de la mairie avec la bibliothèque, d’une station d’épuration. La liste de ses engagements très actifs est longue.


He warmly thanked Annie, his wife who has always been by his side, and his children, who have « always accepted all the absences and shortcomings in family life that come with being an elected official »; with thoughts of his parents « who would have been proud to witness this ceremony, as they instilled in him the values of hard work, honesty, respect, modesty, and loyalty, not to mention family, strong values that have always guided him in his journey »; his two sisters who came from afar, his grandchildren, Viviane Artigalas, senator of Hautes-Pyrénées, who initiated the awarding of the decoration, his former colleagues from the General Council with whom he participated in several missions abroad as part of decentralized cooperation, all the former elected colleagues who participated with him in municipal life and those who continue with Denis Fégné, the current mayor, two former colleagues delegated from the social services of the Finances, one from the Nord department and the other from Corrèze.