« Il a été réconforté » : après avoir été agressé, René Revol reçoit beaucoup de soutien et encourage les gens à se réunir à Grabels.

The rebellious mayor of Grabels has filed a complaint after being assaulted. He is calling for a gathering « against the far-right » on Saturday, September 30th at 5 pm in Grabels.

After being attacked in an alley in the center of Montpellier, Mayor René Revol of Grabels received a significant amount of support from the political class. The mayors of the metropolis, including the mayor of Montpellier, expressed their solidarity with him as early as Sunday. Mathilde Panot, president of the LFI parliamentary group, even visited the town hall of Grabels.

The elected official was physically assaulted on Saturday, after the march against police violence, in a street in the Ecusson. René Revol filed a complaint on Monday, September 25th, at the Saint-Gély-du-Fesc gendarmerie. « I was pushed against a wall by two well-dressed young people. They said to me ‘you are friends with Arabs’, it lasted for ten seconds. »

A gathering against far-right violence on Saturday.

René Revol is calling for a gathering this Saturday, September 30th, « against far-right violence » at 5 pm at the Fontaine square in Grabels. Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the leader of the Insoumis party and a long-time friend of the mayor of Grabels, will be present. He is expected to be accompanied by around thirty Insoumis parliamentarians.

The senator Jean-Pierre Grand (Horizons) went to the town hall of Grabels at noon to express his « solidarity in the face of the assault he was a victim of ». « Everyone knows that my political beliefs are opposite to his and that I regret his presence at the protest against the police, but I believe that nothing justifies an attack on the physical integrity of an elected official. This is the purpose of my Republican approach. » « I really appreciated it, » responded René Revol. « We may not agree, but we are both republicans. We settle our differences through public debate, not violence. »

Un appel de Robert Ménard dans la journée

The elected official explains that he has received many calls, including from the Association of Mayors of France. « It really lifted my spirits. » He was also supposed to receive a call from Robert Ménard later in the day. The rebellious elected official actually links the death threats he received after his stance on Robert Ménard’s refusal to marry a Franco-Algerian under OQTF* this summer and his assault on Saturday. « The right to marriage is inalienable regardless of administrative status, if the prosecutor says it is not a sham marriage. I received a torrent of insults and death threats. » There is also this op-ed « For a humanitarian reception of refugees, freedom for Mimmo Lucano » co-signed with the mayors of Prades-le-Lez, Villeneuve-lès-Maguelone, and Montpellier. Mimmo Lucano, mayor of a Calabrian town, is being tried on appeal for his policy of welcoming and integrating migrants. « He should not go to prison, that is not the place for a humanist. » These positions apparently do not earn him only friends. An investigation is underway after his assault on Saturday.

? Face à la crise de l’accueil – Nous défendons un accueil humaniste des réfugiés. Retrouvez le communiqué commune signé avec mes collègues maires, @MDelafosse maire de Montpellier, Florence Brau maire de Prades et Veronique Negret maire de Villeuneuve lès Maguelone. pic.twitter.com/whLao8Jtda

— René Revol (@RevolRene) September 23, 2023

 *OQTF : obligation de quitter le territoire français

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