« Il aurait été souhaitable que l’équipe majoritaire demeure unie », déclarent en chœur les élus qui sont restés fidèles à la maire de Millau.

Unsurprisingly, a majority of the majority’s elected officials praised the mandate and the mayor of Millau, Emmanuelle Gazel, on Monday evening.

Comme un effet miroir. Et une réponse. Celle adressée, par médias interposés, aux récentes déclarations des sept élus du groupe municipal « Vraie pluralité », démissionnaire mardi dernier. Ce lundi soir, place de la Capelle, leurs (ex) collègues de la majorité ont tenu à dire leurs vérités.

Sur Emmanuelle Gazel d’abord. « L’accusation d’autoritarisme est absolument insupportable, » commence Jean-Pierre Mas. « Chacun, dans nos délégations, sommes libres de faire ce qu’on veut, sans contraintes. » Sandrine Peyretout appuie le propos en évoquant « un débat normal car nous sommes une majorité plurielle. Il y a de la confiance entre nous et avec la maire. Si elle était un homme on ne parlerait pas comme cela d’elle. »

« I cannot reword »

Patrick Pes affirms that he has the necessary attitude and freedom to go see the mayor. Nadine Tuffery agrees, stating that every Monday morning she meets with the majority elected officials. In response, they all unanimously describe her as someone who is humane.

The attitude of their seven former colleagues who are in the majority is obviously not well received. « I want to address the word ‘outcast’ that they used, » explains Sylvie Martin-Dumazer. « We respected their choice to create their own group. They continued to participate in our discussions… even if they no longer wanted to. » Michel Durand, on the other hand, sees a focus on « personal grievances rather than substantive debates. »

Elections? « The worst scenario! »

The political balance in Millau has been shaken since last Tuesday. « There are ego issues, » says Michel Durand. « Gazel needs to be eliminated. Others are active on social media. All of this is not pretty for people who claim to be democrats. » Additionally, according to Michel Durand, new mid-term municipal elections would be « the worst-case scenario! If there is a new vote today, all projects will come to a halt. Personal interests would take priority with the desire to target Gazel. » Sylvie Martin-Dumazer mentions the opposition led by former mayor Christophe Saint-Pierre. « I wouldn’t understand if these elected officials resign. What about respecting the voters? They were elected as opposition for a six-year term, just like us. I question their commitment to the people of Millau. »

On the substance, precisely, the majority’s elected officials come together to emphasize the effective management of the issues. « Some are progressing faster than others. » Like in housing where « a thorough work is being conducted with the community of municipalities. »

Sylvie Martin-Dumazer emphasizes the need to « have ambition for a program that we have built together. Issues such as the median hospital and the Silex have been discussed and voted on. We have also made progress on the CCAS (communal social action center) by creating, for example, a disability contact person that did not exist before. It is time to stop the controversies over the things that have been voted on! »

We are disappointed but we continue to work.

Séverine Peyretout évoque encore « la tempête qui nous tombe dessus et nous éprouve. Nous sommes déçus mais nous continuons à travailler pour les Millavois au-delà des polémiques et des chamailleries. Nous tenons bon et nous acharnons à vouloir réussir. » 

At the moment of concluding, voices are raised to express a regret. The regret of the political unity of a diverse majority scattered like a puzzle. « We all would have wished for the majority team to remain united throughout the mandate. Of course, we will question ourselves, especially regarding communication. »