« Il est admis par Edouard Philippe que ceux qui prétendent ne jamais y penser racontent des absurdités. »

L’ancien Premier ministre était, ce dimanche soir, l’invité de l’émission de TF1 « Sept à Huit ». Le président du parti Horizons s’est livré sur sa maladie, mais aussi son éventuelle candidature à l’Elysée, en 2027.

L’interview était très attendue. En tournée de promotion pour son livre « Des lieux qui disent », qui paraît le 13 septembre chez Jean-Claude Lattès, l’ancien Premier ministre Edouard Philippe était l’invité de l’émission dominicale de TF1, « Sept à Huit ».

The president of the Horizons party, who a recent survey has identified as the most capable of uniting the right and center in 2027, opened up about his personal struggles. Firstly, he discussed the two autoimmune diseases he has been suffering from for the past four years: vitiligo, a skin condition that has caused sudden whitening of his beard and hair, and alopecia, which has resulted in the loss of his beard, a portion of his hair, and his eyebrows.

I cannot pretend that it doesn’t exist…

« I cannot reword »

« I cannot reword »

Can’t reword

In short, he is thinking about it, perhaps influenced by the polls. However, Edouard Philippe has added some nuance. « When we worked with Alain Juppé, we know the value that should be given to the predictive nature of polls: it is almost worthless. » His political mentor paid the price for this lesson, as he was considered the top favorite for the 2017 presidential election but was defeated by François Fillon in the right-wing primary.

« When we see each other, we always have a great time. »

The mayor of Le Havre has once again discussed his relationship with Emmanuel Macron. « When you have a president and a prime minister, their relationship is not based on friendship, » he expressed, referring to the remark made by the head of state while on a visit to New Caledonia, where he assured that Edouard Philippe is a friend. The latter also added, « Whenever we meet, we always have a good time. I was happy that he said it and meant it. »

This will not prevent Edouard Philippe from expressing his opinions in the coming months, especially in the upcoming immigration debate. He reiterated on Sunday that it was necessary to « review the 1968 agreement between France and Algeria » which regulates the movement, employment, and stay of Algerian nationals in the country. However, he will still support the measures presented by his friend Gérald Darmanin.