« Il est clairement frappé au visage ! » Un supporter décède dans un stade après avoir été agressé par un fan de l’équipe adverse.

l’essentielThe dramatic events occurred on Sunday, September 17, while the meeting was still ongoing. The rescue team was unable to revive the victim.

« I want to know what happened and what caused it! » The distress and thirst for justice of Lisa Mooney, a grieving American woman, after the death of her husband Dale, who passed away at the young age of 53.

Père de deux enfants, habitant dans le New Hampshire, Dale est décédé au Gillette Stadium de Foxborough (Massachusets), dimanche 17 septembre, lors d’une rencontre de football américain entre  le club local des New England Patriots et les Miami Dolphins.

Supported in the aisles of the venue by the paramedics, they were never able to revive him. He was officially declared dead shortly before midnight at the hospital. Since then, the Massachusetts police have opened an investigation to determine the cause of death. And according to initial evidence and testimonies, Dale Mooney is said to have died as a result of a fight with a fan of the opposing team.

A spectator who was present that evening claimed to the authorities that he witnessed the altercation: « The Dolphins fan approached and clearly punched him in the face, » he testified, as reported by the New York Post. « Immediately, it was evident that he was not doing well. » This witness also provided the police with a video of the altercation, which leaked on social media and was shared by accounts aiming to denounce this violence.

Tragedy: A longtime #Patriots fan died at the game Sunday night after being punched by a #Dolphins fan and hitting his head on the ground, causing him to lose consciousness and never regain it.

The fan, Dale Mooney, was a 30 year season ticket holder who was at the game with his… pic.twitter.com/4nT9cQnv9k

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« I simply don’t understand how people can reach such extremes, » lamented Lisa Mooney. « That’s all sports are supposed to be: a fun family event. » Her husband, Dave Mooney, had been a Patriots fan for over 30 years.

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