In Sainte-Livrade, the opposition is also returning for the new term.

As it has become customary, the opposition, led by Jean Paul Péreuil and Antoine Ortiz, had invited the press to present their perspective on the 2023 school year in Sainte-Livrade.

According to the two opposition members, several aspects will characterize this return.

« Do you find it normal that the ATSEM (territorial agent specialized in nursery schools) have lunch at the same time as the students, in a noisy environment and in intolerable proximity, and constantly have to interrupt their meal to serve the children? », questions Jean Paul Perreuil. « Furthermore, at Cayras school, the state of the playground is appalling, another recurring concern in nursery schools since barely half of the more than thirty requests have been granted, » laments the opposition member.

The 5G antenna, the opposition is against it.

Apart from the anomalies pointed out by the two elected officials, the installation of the Free 5G antenna next to the football stadium, tennis club, and leisure center is causing debate. « The 5G antennas are 10 times more powerful than the previous generation in 4G, Mayor wants us to believe that it is no more dangerous than a microwave, I strongly doubt that, » Jean Paul Péreuil continues.

« The recruitment of the future DGS of the municipality also raises questions for us, what about the other candidates who applied for this position, » emphasizes the opposition member. In short, the opposition has numerous concerns and is awaiting answers from the municipal team. « During the next municipal council meeting, we will not fail to question the mayor and his entire team on the subjects we have just mentioned. However, we wish a good start to the school year for the students and school teams, » concludes Jean Paul Péreuil.