Intelligence artificielle et 15 000 € d’amende : le Grand Villeneuvois innove dans la lutte contre les dépôts sauvages

l’essentielIntelligent cameras will be installed near the voluntary drop-off areas in Grand Villeneuvois, which are often targeted by illegal dumping. Fines could reach up to 15,000 euros.

Artificial intelligence is being used to combat illegal dumping in Grand Villeneuvois. The community has been conducting final tests on « smart » cameras installed near voluntary drop-off points, both in urban and rural areas, since last week. The goal is clear: to rely on technology to severely punish those responsible for these illegal deposits, which are a source of frustration for citizens and expenses for the municipality.

« Il y a des personnes qui font des efforts, mais il y en a une catégorie qui ne prête pas attention aux messages. La meilleure façon de lutter contre ce problème est d’agir de manière décisive », déclare Guillaume Lepers, président de l’agglomération et maire de Villeneuve. Ces neuf caméras seront déployées dans différents endroits pour couvrir tout le territoire de Villeneuve. Les premiers endroits identifiés sont connus pour être fréquentés par les personnes responsables de ces dépôts sauvages. Les caméras, gérées par un logiciel d’intelligence artificielle, seront capables de détecter les dépôts illégaux et leurs auteurs.

Day and night, the smart cameras will automatically trigger only if they detect the presence of illegal dumping. The captured images – of the offense and the vehicle’s license plate used – will be immediately recorded and transmitted to the local police services in Villeneuve, who will then initiate the procedure: an « administrative fine for the committed offense » and a fee for cleaning the area. Each time, agents from CAGV or the Territorial Authority are dispatched to the location. The fine will be substantial, it could reach « up to 15,000 euros, » warns the agglomeration.

The device will be operational once the panels announcing the color are placed near the voluntary collection points, which will be by the end of the week. « We will be the first city in Aquitaine to launch this operation, » says the community. Despite information and prevention efforts, 400 tons of waste are still abandoned each year in the Grand Villeneuvois territory. This represents an additional budget of €450,000 dedicated to their collection. One year ago, Michel Laville, Vice President of Waste Management for Grand Villeneuvois, even sent back to a private individual the illegally dumped garbage, all filmed and broadcasted on social media. With these cameras, the agglomeration takes a new step in the fight against this scourge.

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