INTERVIEW. Basketball: French phenomenon Victor Wembanyama has « no doubt about the future » just weeks away from making his NBA debut.

l’essentielOn October 25th, the number one pick of the 2023 Draft will make his NBA debut with the San Antonio Spurs. The 19-year-old has been followed by Canal+ cameras throughout last season. A documentary titled « UN1QUE » will showcase his performances with the Mets 92, as well as his time in Las Vegas, the Betclic Elite playoffs, and most importantly, his preparation for the highly anticipated Draft. This original creation will be broadcasted on October 8th (9 PM) on Canal+ and myCanal.

Avez-vous pu profiter de ces derniers mois plus calmes à San Antonio pour vous ressourcer ?

Yes, of course, it was the first time in my life that I truly felt a certain mental fatigue due to the events. It was necessary in order to continue calmly at a mental level. Yes, it feels really good, I took some time to isolate myself a bit.

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Quelle est l’importance de votre entourage dans votre réussite, selon vous ?

It is important, of course, and it is somewhat behind-the-scenes work because when athletes do things wrong, everyone notices, but when they do things right, it goes unnoticed. That’s why this documentary was important to me. It moved me to see all their interviews and all the footage because they all do an exemplary job, and every athlete on Earth would dream of having a family like that. It is truly crucial for stability, knowing that no matter what happens, no matter how I feel, there is always someone behind me ready to catch me.

Comment gérez-vous la pression médiatique qui vous entoure ? Et pensez-vous que la pression médiatique aux États-Unis ait changé ces derniers mois ?

Alors, ce que je ressens, je ne qualifierais pas ça de pression et encore moins depuis quelques mois car je fais très peu d’apparitions et presque aucune intervention médiatique. Ça a été très tranquille depuis plusieurs mois. De mon point de vue, il n’y a pas de pression. C’est simplement des étapes qui font partie de la vie d’un basketteur.

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Quels seraient vos débuts idéaux dans la NBA ?

So, for this first season, it would be a playoff qualification. As for what comes next, I believe the most beautiful thing is not knowing what awaits us. I hope it surprises me and that it will be beautiful.

Quelles sont les distinctions que vous observez entre votre expérience en France et ce que vous constatez actuellement aux États-Unis en termes de coaching ?

I already knew this, but I am even more aware that we are still behind in France compared to what we could do. Of course, the closest experience I had was with ASVEL, but there is a real untapped potential for involvement. I believe that beyond the fact that there is a significant difference in resources compared to France, there is untapped potential.

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A documentary in a year about the journey towards an Olympic medal can also be a beautiful story…

Sure, it would be a great story, but of course I will be present for the Olympics and there is no other goal than winning the gold.

Les matchs de préparation vous ont-ils donné confiance en votre capacité à progresser en NBA ?

I have been facing adults for 3-4 years already every weekend. I have no doubt about it. I didn’t need reassurance. I have been training with my team for many weeks now. I have met quite a few NBA players by now. I have such strong reasons inside me that I don’t have the right to doubt. I know where I will go and I have no doubt about the future. That’s why the universe speaks to me from time to time and I know where it is leading me.