INTERVIEW. « We will not fall into the trap of immobility »… The mayor of Albi defends her mid-term record.

l’essentielWhile she has had to deal with several fronts since her re-election, the mayor of Albi defends the coherence of her actions and the cohesion of her team. At the halfway point of her term, we questioned her about her achievements, ongoing projects, and ambitions for the city… And about Edouard Philippe.

Durant votre mandat, de quoi êtes-vous le/la plus fier(e) en termes de réalisations ?

Je ne retiens pas une réalisation plus qu’une autre. Je suis fière de la façon dont on a mené nos travaux. Le mot collectif a du sens. L’équipe n’a pas bougé, elle est restée soudée. C’est un bilan cohérent, transversal, mais inachevé, car il nous reste du travail.

There have been many fronts in the past three years, including nordic basins, circuit, and MJC.

Do not be fooled by a noisy minority. Are they the majority? I don’t think so. If people have issues with our policies, they should let us know, but they should not attack projects of public interest.

Est-ce que l’opposition croissante des collectifs aux projets constitue un obstacle ?

It is true that there is a more systematic opposition to projects. If the country gives in to this pressure, it will be serious. We must not let individualism prevail. Our role is to decide, not to wait for unanimity. Immobilism is a trap that we will not fall into.

Est-ce que la fermeture de la MJC, suite à l’arrêt des subventions municipales, peut être considérée comme une forme de représailles politiques?

This is not our usual approach. We collaborate with partners from all backgrounds. However, we also ensure that public funds are spent responsibly. When we asked this organization, which no longer had a project, to present one to us, they responded that it was none of our business. If they do not want to work with the city, they can continue without us. We cannot demand money unilaterally. I observe that almost all of the participants from the MJC currently work for the city and that it is going very well.

« We are not in favor of punitive ecology. »

Beaucoup d’argent a été investi dans le SCA, ce qui fait grincer les dents d’autres clubs. Jusqu’où comptez vous les financer ?

Peu de clubs peuvent dire qu’on ne les a pas soutenus. Le Sporting est une vitrine pour la ville. S’il veut avoir de l’ambition, nous devons être à ses côtés. Notre subvention (400 000€ par an) n’a pas bougé, même si ponctuellement nous sommes obligés de les aider. Aujourd’hui, nous sommes une des dernières villes de France à financer seule un club de ce niveau. Ce ne serait pas choquant d’avoir aussi un soutien de l’agglomération car le Sporting rayonne bien au-delà d’Albi.

Est-ce que votre focus sur l’événementiel ne nuit-il pas à d’autres projets en cours ?

When we spend 1€ on an event, it generates between 3 and 7€ for the local economy. These are not expenses but investments that contribute to the prosperity and pride of the city, the region, and the department. We are also very proud to offer free entertainment, even though everything has a cost. When times are tough, we can either succumb to stagnation or try to create momentum.

Is it sustainable with inflation burdening the municipal budget?

There are new constraints that we are obligated to adapt to: the increase in energy, the price of food. We have chosen not to pass this on to families… Paradoxically, it is in this context that people need public services the most. The goal of the city is to minimize its operating expenses in order to maintain high investment without affecting taxation. We will do everything we can to uphold this commitment.

Est-ce que cette politique de sécurité est destinée à se développer, étant donné que la police municipale est l’une des mieux financées en France ?

During my term, our entire security project has been completed. However, we still have many projects ahead. Currently, there are 120 cameras in Albi. We are in discussions with the government to install new ones. We also need more speed warning signs as our citizens have expressed concerns about speeding and reckless driving, which must be taken into account. Additionally, we will continue to enhance the skills of our agents. Our municipal police force is highly qualified, and we will continue to provide training as these professions are constantly evolving.

Comment peut-on mieux adapter la ville d’Albi au changement climatique, étant donné sa nature minérale ?

Even though there are large mineral public spaces, Albi is already a very green city. We will continue to adapt it with projects tailored to the context. By planting, greening facades, and adapting urban furniture… There is no single solution. In addition to that, we have mobility options such as shuttles, a footbridge, and the European Center for Mobility. We work in a calm and collaborative manner. We are not promoting guilt and punishment in terms of ecology.

« I have a long-standing relationship with Edouard Philippe. »

What will be the top priority of this second part of the term?

On ne peut pas avoir de priorité. Tout compte. Des menus de la cantine aux projets d’envergure comme la nouvelle école à Pineratto, la maison de quartier de Cantepau, la médiathèque, les piscines… Il faut de tout pour répondre aux attentes de nos concitoyens. La nouveauté, c’est qu’on ne peut plus sortir un projet d’envergure sur un seul mandat. Il en faut un pour le préparer et un autre pour le réaliser. Le temps public est de plus en plus long.  

Will you be a candidate for a third term to see the Lapérouse Museum completed, considering it won’t be ready before 2026?

Quand je suis là tôt le matin, ma seule préoccupation est de respecter nos promesses envers les habitants d’Albi. Lorsque le moment viendra, il faudra prendre des décisions qui seront nécessaires.

Si applicable, allez-vous vous présenter avec l’étiquette Horizons ?

This is not the topic at hand. I have a long-standing relationship with Edouard Philippe. He is a statesman who prioritizes mayors and local action in his project. I admire his vision for our country.

Aimeriez-vous participer à la prochaine campagne présidentielle en tant que membre de son équipe ?

« I’m not really into political fiction. My DNA lies in honoring my commitments to the people of Albi. »

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