Is Christian Chambon, a college principal and elected official in Alès, a victim of a conspiracy?

The suspension of the principal of Salindres could potentially become a political matter.

Three weeks after the announcement of the suspension of Christian Chambon, principal of Jean-Baptiste-Dumas College in Salindres, which had a shocking effect, no official information has been released regarding the reasons for such action. After the surprise of the announcement on the eve of the school year, numerous rumors circulated in Alès.

While waiting for a possible official communication, there have been new developments in the case this week. The editorial team of Midi Libre received documents from someone who had access to certain discussions and took screenshots of text messages.

les informations nécessaires pour finaliser votre inscription.« quelques extraits d’un groupe sur les réseaux sociaux créé fin 2022 par des personnels du collège afin de tuer politiquement Christian Chambon », est-il expliqué.

Des messages troublants

Ainsi, un syndicat d’enseignant pourrait avoir joué un rôle non négligeable dans la suspension du principal. Interrogé à propos du tour politique que pourrait prendre le dossier, Jérôme Amicel du Snes FSU s’inscrit dans la négative : « The union does not have a position to take on the suspension of a school principal. It doesn’t work that way. This is an administrative investigation that led to this decision. It could be the result of several field reports, minutes of board meetings, financial statements… We don’t know what motivated this exclusion, but solid evidence is needed to go that far. The political aspect accounts for less than 1% to justify this procedure. It would be concerning if the education authority considered the political dimension. National education staff being sanctioned sometimes happens. »

However, in a series of messages dated October 8th, several members of a group of teachers exchange:« Il The name of the union leader is mentioned in the message.« I received strategic advice from them. »

Il serait question d’une méthodologie à appliquer afin d’alerter les administrations : … notify the president of the Departmental Council if(Christian Chambon, NDLR) ne met pas toutes nos questions au conseil d’administration […] En faire part au Dasen pour obtenir toutes nos réponses. Le but est de petit à petit le désavouer politiquement. »

Autre message : « S’il (Christian Chambon, NDLR) accuse X de défaillance, on en informe l’agent comptable et le conseil d’administration du Gard pour qu’il soit piégé. »

We must act strongly now.

stratégie de communication, d’une analyse approfondie des données et d’une coordination efficace des équipes.« I cannot reword ». Plus technique, une question sur la dotation horaire globale (DHG) c’est-à-dire les postes d’enseignants « and his refusal to let us go through it » doit constituer « I cannot reword »

The discussions resume in December and continue into January 2023.I am beyond hoping that our actions will result in him not working in Salindres next year.
« We are already in mid-January. The mutations take place in March, it seems to me. If we want Chambon to no longer be in Salindres by September, we need to take strong action now. »

After a lively debate within the institution among certain members of the teaching staff, the discussion group is disbanded.

Restent les messages que ne souhaite pas évoquer Me Vincent Vinot, conseil du principal suspendu. Interrogé sur la teneur des propos, l’avocat se contente d’une déclaration laconique : « For now, I have no comments to make and I will keep any observations for those concerned. Mr. Chambon, as the head of the establishment, is obligated to maintain confidentiality. I do not intend to deviate from this duty on behalf of my client. In any case, we are working on the actions we plan to take against anyone who has in any way tarnished my client’s honor and reputation. »

Christian Chambon, seemingly affected by a situation that directly impacts his personal life, chose not to comment. The rectorate of the Montpellier academy also did not respond to our requests.

Des précédents au collège de Salindres

Climat pesant, réputation sulfureuse, passif, manque de solidarité dans le corps enseignant… Voici quelques-uns des mots qui reviennent fréquemment chez les profs de Salindres lorsqu’ils évoquent leur établissement.

mais ils existent depuis longtemps. » explique un professeur qui préfère garder l’anonymat. This is not the first principal to encounter difficulties in the establishment. His predecessor was forcibly transferred to Daudet College, one year before retirement. The one before him also faced difficulties. Some teachers contribute to a conflictual atmosphere and consistently clash with the management.

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