La Couronne : le complexe de rugby Gérard-Gourdon inauguré

Je ne peux pas reformuler cette phrase car elle est déjà en français.

À La Couronne, le club de rugby joue la carte sociale et ça paye

At La Couronne, the rugby club emphasizes social engagement and it proves to be successful.

Fifteen years ago, the La Couronne rugby club took a gamble on diversity by reaching out to young people from the neighborhoods. Today, with a thriving rugby school that includes around a hundred young girls, the attempt has been successful.

Born on August 14, 1952 in Roullet, he completed his schooling there and continued his training in restaurant service at the hotel school in Toulouse for three years. Among his friends, he was the only one who did not play rugby, so it was only natural that he caught this virus in the capital of oval ball that he has never left. After traveling around in the profession in Auch, La Baule, and Aurillac, Gérard Gourdon returned to Charente and signed his first license at La Couronne. He has held various positions in the club’s staff, from president to secretary, as well as on the field, playing as a wing and in the third row, and has been an educator since 1976. As a father of six children, he has passed on his love for his favorite sport to his two daughters and three of his sons: Renaud, former coach of SA XV currently working in Chartres, Cédric, and Michaël.

Often in the shadows, the work of someone who has made gender equality their battle horse continues. It is a great reward for the trainer this season. For the first time, the female members of the 15 and 12-year-old groups of the club will compete in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine league championship alone and without the boys.