À la une de l’actu ce mercredi 27 septembre…

Corse. Dix-huit mois après la mort de l’indépendantiste Yvan Colonna, le président de la République Emmanuel Macron se rend en Corse de mercredi à vendredi, où sa position sera très attendue sur le projet d’autonomie concocté par les nationalistes pour leur île.

On Wednesday, the government will present its budget proposal for 2024 during the Council of Ministers meeting. The budget will focus on promoting a greener economy while being cautious about other expenses, considering the economic slowdown and the end of the « whatever it takes » approach. In addition to the 2024 budget, the government has announced that it will introduce a bill to assist French citizens in dealing with persistent inflation. This bill aims to facilitate negotiations between manufacturers and supermarkets in hopes of reducing prices on shelves and allowing fuel sales at a loss.

Bullying at school. The Minister of Education, Gabriel Attal, will announce, along with the Prime Minister, Elisabeth Borne, the details of an interministerial plan to combat bullying at school. « I called for a collective shock, and the shock has begun, » emphasized the minister, who plans to gather the rectors again on Thursday, following the announcement of this plan which had already been announced in June after the suicide of Lindsay, 13 years old. « The philosophy of the action that we want to promote with the Prime Minister is clear: 100% prevention, 100% detection, and 100% reaction, » Gabriel Attal emphasized.

Source: lepoint.fr

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