La vie d’après, sans Jean Farré, pour le Boxing Club Figuerolles Montpellier

The neighborhood club in Montpellier wants to continue existing for its members and in memory of Jean Farré, whose name the hall bears.

At the beginning of August, Jean Farré passed away at the age of 88. This prominent figure from Montpellier leaves behind his family, the gypsy community, and countless memories. In the Figuerolles neighborhood, nobody will forget « Tané », the one who restored the reputation of boxing in the capital of Hérault.

La salle de boxe porte d’ailleurs son nom et garde en héritage tout le travail effectué depuis 1985 dans ce lieu. Et bien plus encore : « Jean Farré came to the room every day until last year. »« I cannot reword »This was an extraordinary individual who changed the course of our lives. With him, we discovered boxing, and we even flew to Paris for the French championships. I remember that at that time, Louis Nicollin even paid for our tickets. The legacy and name of Mr. Jean Farré are present, and it is very important. I have been managing this venue with him and Jean-Marie Zaragoza since 1985.

Limongi : « Un rôle social »

Pour la première saison sportive sans Jean Farré, les dirigeants du club « They insist on making this room work even better than before. »poursuit Limongi. Nous avons un rôle social très important parce que nous sommes dans un quartier très difficile. On veut restructurer, notamment en imposant que nos licenciés aient une assurance pour boxer. On se bat du matin au soir avec ça. Il y a de la discipline d’un point de vue boxe mais pas assez sur le plan administratif. »

The club also aims to continue its outreach efforts. Such as with Kamel Boutiche, who has been teaching classes at Villeneuve-lès-Maguelone prison for five years.I do this because I enjoy helping confined children. We give back what we have been given. If we are who we are, it’s thanks to our parents and the trainers at the gym. They didn’t let us hang around outside. Boxing helps us escape the neighborhood.

The Jean-Farré room is open to everyone.

Mieux que ça, le BC Figuerolles Montpellier utilise la boxe anglaise pour éduquer et transmettre aux jeunes du quartier et d’ailleurs :« I cannot reword » explique André Limongi. We welcome everyone, from beginners to champions like Mohamed Kani and Rayan, a promising 16-year-old. The door is open to all.

Parce que la boxe est un sport qui apporte des valeurs,« It is becoming increasingly difficult to enter the workforce, to feel better mentally, and to manage one’s emotions. »Je ne peux pas reformuler.

The club in the Figuerolles neighborhood continues, more than ever, the work started nearly 40 years ago by Jean Farré.