Landreau: « The players will be eager to have fun against Namibia. »

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CLe sport spécial Coupe du monde de Rugby #3 avec Fabrice Landreau

CLe sport spécial Coupe du monde de Rugby #3 avec Fabrice Landreau

CLe Sport spécial Coupe du monde de rugby, épisode 3. Autour de notre consultant Fabrice Landreau, la rédaction de CL se projette sur le France – Namibie de jeudi après être revenu sur France – Uruguay. Les épatants Fidjiens, le choc Irlande – Afrique du Sud et les internationaux portugais et chilien du SA XV Nicolas Martins et Inaki Ayarza sont aussi au programme.

What is expected from the French team is the offensive bonus.

Lors du match entre la France et l’Uruguay jeudi dernier, vous m’avez envoyé un message disant : « Quand l’individualisme devient plus important que le collectif. » Est-ce que cela signifie que les joueurs qui cherchent à se mettre en avant ont tendance à dépasser les limites ?

Fabrice Landreau. Yes, that’s exactly how I felt. This team is of great quality and they performed particularly well in the preparation matches. But watching the game, I had the feeling that each player was trying to shine individually, whether it was Hastoy, Moefana, or even Villière, instead of focusing on the collective strength of the group.

Fabien Galthié a décidé de ressortir les cadres du frigo pour affronter la Namibie jeudi soir. L’équipe a été communiquée ce mardi midi, que pensez-vous de la composition ?

Ce qui fait plaisir, c’est que Danty et Baille reviennent, et que l’on retrouve nos cadres. On a un groupe assez large et riche qui a besoin de retrouver du rythme. Il y aura une semaine sans rien avant le dernier match contre l’Italie donc c’est important que l’équipe garde les automatismes, le rythme et la vitesse aussi.

Est-ce essentiel de savoir que les Bleus ne jouent à nouveau que 15 jours plus tard contre l’Italie ?

Indeed, a player who does not play for 80 minutes is a player who is no longer training, even if they compensate with cardio, strengthening, and contact exercises.

Can this Namibian team score 71 points against the Blacks? We expect nothing less from the French XV to establish their reputation, right?

No, what we expect from the French team is the offensive bonus. After that, I believe the players will be eager to have fun, especially in the legendary Marseille stadium, which has always favored the French teams. There are still a few adjustments to be made before the match against Italy.

If the Fijis start winning the battle of scrums and rucks, should we take them into account?

Yes, they are going to be world champions (laughs)! It’s not surprising, especially when you see the end of the match against Wales. This team has real potential. They were able to approach the match in a dominant way, with density in the forward line, which the Australians did not have. The scrum-half is almost 100% accurate with his kicks until he was substituted, and the midfield, Tuisova, Nayacalevu, and Radradra, caused damage. It’s a great victory.

Did the Fijians take a significant step towards the quarterfinals in a very open group after playing against Wales and Australia, who will have to face each other?

Yes, they made a good move by securing the defensive bonus against Wales. And they will be watching with interest the match between the Welsh and Australians.

Samedi soir, il y aura un match entre l’Irlande et l’Afrique du Sud au Stade de France. Le perdant de ce match a de fortes chances de rencontrer la France en quarts de finale. Est-ce une confrontation entre King Kong et Godzilla ?

I feel like saying that it’s almost the pre-final because it’s going to be an exceptional match. Both teams will assess each other, it will be intense and everyone will want to score against the opponent. This is the match we have all been waiting for after France – New Zealand.

Est-ce que la performance du Portugal contre le Pays de Galles, où le troisième ligne du SA XV Nicolas Martins a marqué un essai, a été célébrée avec fierté cette semaine à Chanzy ?

Yes, and I think all his friends sent him a little message. Nicolas is living an amazing adventure, meeting the Welsh is something fabulous and I’m not sure he thought he would be there 3-4 years ago. He discovered rugby late and in the end, he is eligible to play for Portugal. At first, Patrice Lagisquet (the coach) didn’t really know him and took him by chance to see what he was worth. And now, when we talk to him, he says that the first name that comes to mind to put on the team sheet is Nicolas Martins. So it proves that he is a player with significant potential. »