Laroque-d’Olmes. Une rentrée des classes élémentaires sereine

The elementary school Joliot-Curie had a calm start to the school year with stable numbers, both in terms of students and teachers, as well as the extra-curricular staff in place.

A total of 96 students, 18 in CP, 19 in CE1, 18 in CE2, 20 in CM1, and 21 in CM2, have returned to the classrooms.

En en cette rentrée, autour d’Ingrid Bortheirie, directrice, toute une équipe éducative est en place : réseau d’aide, psychologue scolaire, des personnels extra-scolaires, ainsi que des intervenants pour assurer l’éducation musicale et l’éducation sportive.

During the school year, in addition to regular teaching, many innovative educational projects will be implemented. Specifically, the NEFLE project will be introduced. « This is a school project that involves all staff, parents, and students. It will involve rethinking the material and human restructuring of the playground, » explains Ingrid Bortheirie.

Le concept de compassion et de sentiment sera également abordé lors des activités scolaires.

Regarding the preschool, the closure of a position, which forces the establishment to accommodate exactly 48 children with only two teachers, is not acceptable. Patrick Laffont is bitter. « This elimination of a position has led to a reorganization of spaces, the establishment of a private micro-nursery, and today, we had to separate from the inclusion of students from the medical-educational institute of Léran. All the rooms are well occupied, I don’t see how we could have done otherwise, and it’s disheartening to hear some people criticizing our decisions without ever coming to the site or getting informed. »