Le beau numéro de Berny sur l’ultratrail

Before discussing the proposed solo races, there was the 12km Canitrail, and if Rémy Rapissat from Guéret outperforms Mathieu Diaz, who arrived shortly after the winner of the day, the performance should be attributed to the winner Alizée Pouit, who ranks 3rd overall ahead of her club colleague from Cannibales 79, Tommy Plaud, who completes the male podium. Meanwhile, Charlotte Nicolas (Canipat 87) finishes in second place among women, accompanied by Stéphanie Compain (Rapid’Os).

There was no « beginner » distance, so only experienced trail runners could participate since the shortest solo distance was 16km (Le Montbérou), and Cognaçais Kévin Bourg did not give up.

Announced as the favorite of the race, he doesn’t miss out on his second victory in Montbron after 2022. The member of CAC dominates the competition of Marceau Faget and Hugo Bedon, who arrive with time differences of 5 and 8 minutes respectively. Deborah Baillet achieves a hat trick, having already won at Beaulieu/Sonnette and Brie. She repeats her performance and triumphs in 1h19’47 », placing 11th overall. Her competitors Rebecca Close and Aurélia Lemay arrive almost together, with times of 1h30’05 » for the former and 1h30’19 » for the latter.

On the second distance of only 31km (La Médievale), the runner-up of 2022, Florent Russeil from Vienne, manages to claim the top spot on the podium with a time of 2h41’22 ». He leaves Arnaud Favrelière 10 minutes behind and Vincent Geneau 14 minutes behind.

Le Marathon pour Valentin Chaleroux

On the women’s side, it is Oksana Krzyzak from SCA 86 who takes first place in the race, finishing over a quarter of an hour ahead of her runner-up Audrey Masson. Sylvie Vandenbussche from Rapids de la Boëme completes the podium in 3h38’15 ».

L’avant-dernière distance, 44 km (Le Marathon), accouche de podiums inédits tant chez les hommes que chez les femmes. Il fallait venir des Hautes-Pyrénées plus spécialement d’Arrens pour s’imposer tel que Valentin Chaleroux qui pointe en 3h44’08 » devant un Breton, Fabien Rolland en dauphine et Louis Carment en troisième position. Pour les femmes, c’est Amandine Dumas qui vient truster la première place devant Mireille Ayrault et Aurélie Bouron.

Finally, on the big race (84km Ultra), the impressive performance goes to Mikael Berny who finishes in 8h19’20 », ahead of Fabien Jahan by almost an hour, as he completes the distance in 9h14’57 ». Thibaut Pajot comes in 3rd with a time of 9h48’57 ». In the women’s category, Isabelle Molinaro-Martin, from Reunion Island, takes the victory in 10h41’25 », followed by Marion Lagraulet in 11h08’35 » and Dorothée Bougouin in 12h12’43 ».