LE BILLET. Une rentrée politique bien stratégique

The upcoming municipal elections are not happening anytime soon… but we have never felt them so close. The majority is not willing to let the opposition occupy the field alone. It is probably not a coincidence that the majority and opposition (referred to as Mupes) have chosen the same day and almost the same time to hold their press conference for the new term.

Our elected officials know how to make their presence felt in the media to keep their political marathon going until 2026. As for their preferred topics, they are not really surprising. Social and solidarity ecology for Michaël Delafosse, women’s rights for the Doulain-Ollier-Labourier trio, and sustainable mobility for the ecologist Manu Raynaud.

Il y a encore tellement de possibilités qui peuvent se réaliser d’ici 2026 avec de nouveaux – et anciens – acteurs politiques qui attendent dans l’ombre. Rien n’est encore décidé…

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