Le Toulousain Bonx séduit avec son logiciel ERP pour les PME industrielles

« I cannot reword »

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« Our co-founder and CTO, Rémi Bèges, has worked in several factories in the past, and ERP software is never easy to deploy, not to mention the fact that each factory often has its own specific ERP. But until now, there has been no universal and flexible ERP solution to deploy. Industrial SMEs have been left behind by technology, » laments Charles-Henry Rouaud, primarily responsible for marketing the solution.

At the beginning of 2022, Rémi Bèges embarked on the development of this software solution with the aim of implementing the first step of digitization in factories, targeting companies with annual revenues ranging from one to ten million euros.

The tool, focused on production, aims to provide complete traceability to the company’s operators, from raw material procurement to the completion of the produced parts and the issuance of the delivery note.

Trente entreprises accompagnées d’ici six mois

In just a few months, the young company has already managed to attract five clients, guaranteeing it an annual recurring income of 150,000 euros. For instance, it has successfully attracted the company…Recyc-Matelas, LCS Groupe, La Pelisse ou encore La Maillecotech, un sous-traitant important de l’enseigne Décathlon. Tout récemment, la jeune pousse vient de signer un contrat pour déployer sa solution au sein de l’atelier Résilience, basé à Roubaix, et qui réalise un chiffre d’affaires annuel d’environ 50 millions d’euros. Ces premiers contrats démontrent une certaine prédominance du secteur textile pour Bonx.

« lequel ils peuvent facilement s’adapter.In the world of industrial SMEs, word-of-mouth spreads very quickly (…) We are a no-code solution, so we give our clients full control over their software to modify it as they please, unlike rigid solutions that usually require the intervention of a consultant, » adds the co-founder.

While aiming to remain focused on industrial SMEs, Bonx aims to support companies that have « Made in France » at the core of their industrial project, such as the appliance industry. The Toulouse-based startup hopes to accompany around 30 to 40 companies within six months, generating approximately one million euros in annual recurring revenue.

Aller plus vite dans le déploiement

To expand its solution, Bonx currently relies on a team of six permanent employees and two freelancers. By the end of the first quarter of 2024, the company plans to employ around fifteen people. In order to strengthen the sales teams in particular, the startup has just completed a funding round of 500,000 euros with the participation of business angels and OSS Ventures, a startup studio specializing in the industry 4.0.

« I cannot reword »Charles-Henry Rouaud.

At the beginning of the adventure, OSS Ventures had already invested 100,000 euros.« I cannot reword » Renan Devillières, le CEO d’OSS Ventures. Bonx s’attend également à recevoir une subvention de 200.000 euros de la part de la BPI au début de l’année 2024. Après cela, la jeune pousse estime avoir « 12 mois de cash » devant elle, avant de pourquoi pas envisager un nouveau tour de table plus conséquent.

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