Élections sénatoriales : Maryse Carrère (PRG) et Viviane Artigalas (PS) doublent la mise dès le premier tour dans les Hautes-Pyrénées

l’essentiel Les deux sénatrices sortantes, Maryse Carrère (PRG) et Viviane Artigalas (PS), ont été réélues haut la main, dès le premier tour des élections sénatoriales. Même si elles étaient favorites, l’ampleur du score est là, pour saluer leur engagement sur le terrain.

It only took one round for the two outgoing senators, Maryse Carrère and Viviane Artigalas, to regain their seats. In a landslide victory… The 873 grand electors called to the polls did not hesitate, the first gathered 581 votes, the second 518, respectively 66.55% and 59.34% of the votes, leaving only crumbs for their opponents. The best placed among them, the only one to pass the 100 vote mark, is Jean-Marc Delcasso, the president of the Hunting Federation, who ran under the Renaissance party. « Firstly, I would like to thank the 133 voters who trusted me and the entire team that supported me, and I congratulate Viviane and Maryse on their impressive victory, » he assured, slightly disappointed not to have caused more trouble. « They did their job during their term and throughout the campaign, which, it must be noted, was very clean. Their victory is well-deserved and we will continue to work together. »
While some had placed this election purely on a political level, it was ultimately the field that prevailed.

Une élection « de terrain »

« I am obviously very happy, » stated Viviane Artigalas, « especially since the result is flattering, I did not expect to be elected in the first round. I met almost all of the mayors during the campaign, and I was able to witness the incredible work of the elected officials in their villages. I am very proud to be able to represent them again in the Senate and to help them. And it’s wonderful that Maryse is also reelected. »

Congratulations to the reelected left-wing senators and to those who are elected for the first time, starting from the first round.

Un ? particulier à nos élus d’@Occitanie : chères Viviane Artigalas, Maryse Carrère, @GuylenePantel, cher @jmvayssouze, qui font un formidable…

— Carole Delga (@CaroleDelga) September 24, 2023

She doesn’t say any less about her colleague. « It’s a real joy, we will continue to work together to represent the voice, which is sometimes quite unique, of our dear Hautes-Pyrénées in the Senate. » Clearly moved, despite being the favorite, she adds: « Yes, during the campaign, I was wonderfully welcomed by the mayors, I felt that my mandate was appreciated. But an election always remains a mystery until the end. » Including for the prefecture services, who kept the suspense going a little longer, regarding a vote calculation issue, quickly dismissed after some cold sweats…

Reste le côté politique, et dans le « match des perdants », il faut noter que le duel à gauche entre le PC et LFI/EELV a tourné à l’avantage des premiers. Du côté de LR, Jacques Béhague se maintient à son niveau de 2017 (mais avec un seul candidat, au lieu de deux en 2017, LR plonge et divise ses suffrages de moitié…).Et enfin, pour le RNOlivier Monteil explose ses scores précédents, passant de 11voix en 2017, à 47cette année.

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