Les dossiers à l’ordre du jour du conseil communautaire de la Gascogne toulousaine

l’essentielSeveral items were on the agenda of the latest community council meeting held in Pujaudran.

On September 7th, the elected officials of the community of municipalities gathered in Pujaudran at 6:30 PM in the wedding hall of the town hall. This community council began with a presentation of the youth and cultural center (MJC) of Gascogne Toulousaine. Some members of the MJC presented their various activities, including « Radio Fil de l’Eau », theater, and dance, so that the community council would be aware of the planned program for this school year.

The 22 elected officials then voted on the deliberations following the activity reports that were presented to them. They unanimously voted to modify the statutes of the local public company (SPL) and the Regional Agency for Energy and Climate (Arec). They also unanimously adopted the report of the public land establishment of Occitanie. All the deliberation points can be found on the official website of the Gascogne Toulousaine community of municipalities (ccgascognetoulousaine.com), under the tab « Council Community Sessions ».

In the miscellaneous questions section, several points were discussed. The hotel capacity in L’Isle-Jourdain is practically non-existent and the market study on this matter has not been conclusive so far. A plot of land has been found in L’Isle-Jourdain for the retirement home and the purchase is being planned.

The next community council meeting will take place on Tuesday, October 17th, in Frégoulet.