L’ETEC l’emporte avec beaucoup de sérieux

Ces derniers posent le jeu, ils font bien circuler le ballon, mais ils n’arrivent…

They control the game, they pass the ball well, but they cannot deceive Mercher, who displays all his skill in the goal. However, on the offensive side, the players from l’Entente are much more impactful and incisive, like Boutier, Alter, and Héroux, who easily find their way to the goal (2-6, 7th minute).

We have announced a goal to climb, the players remained serious throughout the game, it is normal, it reassures us.

The people from Charente are in complete control, unlike the people from Béarn who lose too many balls and sometimes confuse speed with haste. Without the great Brouillard in the orthéziennes cages, the score could have increased even more, although it is always the visitors who dominate the discussions.

With an extraordinary Alter in control, both in maneuvering and finishing, it is the Charentais who logically take the lead at halftime (8-14, 30th minute).

The Entente does not give up.

The second act is a copy-paste of the first, with visitors showing great control and composure, while the locals are more focused on individual achievements (13-20, 38th minute). Boutier, Alter, Heroux, as well as Changeur and Lafarge, take advantage of the technical errors and lack of concentration from the Orthéziens (16-24, 48th minute).

Ces derniers jettent toutes leurs forces dans la bataille, soutenus par leurs bruyants supporters, mais jamais les hommes de Goudu ne vont s’affoler, pour remporter une facile victoire chez un promu (21-33). C’est un beau succès pour les joueurs de l’ETEC, qui doit être confirmé face à des adversaires d’un tout autre calibre que les Béarnais.

Dimitri Goudu, coach of ETEC, expressed his satisfaction with the team’s performance after six weeks of preparation. He praised the players for their good start and emphasized the importance of maintaining a positive mindset. Goudu also mentioned the team’s goal of promotion and commended the players for their seriousness throughout the game. He concluded by stating that the victory was a morale boost for the team.

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