Léguevin. Des subventions pour le collège et la MJC

The François Verdier traveling college and the MJC respectively receive an aid of 270 euros for the former as operating grant for 2023, linked to the update of grants based on the data from the assessment of the 2022 school year within the framework of the financial incentive program that values colleges contributing to social diversity, and 1,915 euros reserved for the latter for its support of popular education. These subsidies were voted during the last standing committee of the departmental council of Haute-Garonne, where over 800,000 euros of subsidies were voted for the Léguevin canton, upon the proposal of Véronique Volto and Didier Laffont, departmental advisors.

In detail, there are 610,000 euros allocated to municipalities as part of territorial contracts, 5,000 euros for urbanization works, 123,000 euros for colleges, 2,000 euros for the secular and civic curriculum, 6,300 euros for rural community centers, 9,000 euros for economic activity integration, and 43,000 euros for cultural and sports associations. « Through these grants, we once again demonstrate our commitment to the vitality and projects of the Léguevin canton, » emphasizes the duo.

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