Limouxin : 180 000 € pour traiter les sulfures dans les eaux usées

l’essentielOn Tuesday, September 12th, several officials from the Limouxin Community of Communes discovered a new installation at the former Limoux wastewater treatment plant. The system, implemented by Véolia, is able to treat the sulfides present in the wastewater, effectively eliminating any unpleasant odors.

Before arriving at the Cépie wastewater treatment plant, the journey is long for the wastewater from Limoux. « When you flush the toilet in Ajac, the water still has to travel 10 km, » says Albert Nadal, vice-president of the Limouxin Community of Communes (CCL) in charge of non-collective sanitation and water intercommunalization. This significant distance allows these waters to become loaded with hydrogen sulfide (H2S).

Ce H2S est source de plusieurs problèmes, et en particulier d’odeurs particulièrement nauséabondes, comme ont pu le réaliser différents élus intercommunautaires le mardi 12 septembre.

In the early morning, they visited a new facility at the former wastewater treatment plant in Limoux that treats sulfides. Equipped with a tank, retention bins, a unloading terminal, and a dosing station, the site disperses curative and preventive treatments in the water to limit the formation of sulfides, according to Wyllia Allaire, a member of Veolia’s treatment expertise department. There are two programs in total: one measures the sulfide levels based on large temperature variations, and the other checks the levels daily and determines whether or not to administer the treatment. Similar installations have also been implemented in the Massia hamlet, at the former wastewater treatment plant in Digne-d’Aval, and in Malras. This operation, costing €180,000 and carried out by the intermunicipal authority, reflects a political commitment to finding the best solutions for our citizens while respecting the environment, stated Pierre Durand, President of the CCL.

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