L’UBJ l’emporte au bout du suspens face à Oloron

La marge était ténue surtout que les Oloronais répliquaient sur une pénalité de Livoti (6-3). Sur un gros temps fort de…

The margin was slim, especially as the Oloronais responded with a penalty from Livoti (6-3). During a strong offensive phase from UBJ, the Charentais stole a lineout. The forwards started moving and sent Cousin over the try line. Duca converted the try (13-3, 30).

Oloron quickly responded with a new penalty from Livoti (13-6, 35). And with two penalties, one on each side, the score continued to evolve. First, Duca brought it to 16-6 (39) and Livoti answered with 16-9 (40+1). This was the halftime score of a match that was far from over, as the two teams were closely matched.

From the restart, Duca, once again, took advantage of a new penalty to increase the score to 19-9 (42). It seemed like the difference was made, but once again Livoti responded with 19-12 (49) and then 19-15 (52) with another successful attempt by the fly-half.

Le drop de 40m de Duca

But this devilish Duca was once again coming out of his box. First with a new penalty 22-15 (57) and then with a successful 40m drop 25-15 (70). Ten points is a lot but also little at the same time.

Because the Oloronais, never resigned, scored two tries in quick succession. On a lineout lost by the Charentais, the Béarn pack put pressure on their opponents and Augé scored a try. Livoti converted it, making the score 25-22 (73). Duca gave some breathing space with another penalty, making it 28-22 (77). But on another lost lineout, Rifon broke free and scored a try.

Livoti transformed and gave his team the advantage for the first time, 28-29 (79). After yet another penalty in injury time, the inevitable Duca secured the victory for his team, 31-29.

The Charentais, who led for almost the entire game, deserved their victory. However, it was a tough and lengthy process to achieve it.

Despite everything, they confirm the victory for Rion Morcenx and remain in the top of the table before moving to Saint-Médard-en-Jalles for the last match of this first block.


Thomas Berlato, a player from UBJ’s third line, expressed his personal experience during the match. He mentioned that he faced difficulties during the game and particularly struggled with line-outs, where they were effectively countered. This affected their performance negatively. However, he acknowledged that their scrums were strong. Despite not being able to execute their game plan effectively, he highlighted the positive outcome of the match, as they managed to secure four points this year compared to potentially losing in a similar situation last season. Overall, he emphasized the importance of this achievement.
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