L’US Cognac rate la passe de trois

L’entame est correcte pour les locaux, qui mettent rapidement les Charentais à la faute et Claverie déflore…

The start is good for the locals, who quickly force the Charentais into making mistakes and Claverie opens the scoring.

L’USC prise sur l’occupation

On a poorly negotiated return, USC is close to scoring, but Bassin defends well. The former player from Union Cognac/Saint-Jean (UCS), Kuruibua, even manages to break free for 40 meters and force the Cognaçais into making a mistake. Claverie scores again. The fly-half will indeed play an almost perfect game and, with his kicking, will ensure that they play in the opponent’s territory.

On sent bien que le RCBA n’est pas rentré sur le terrain pour faire du spectacle mais pour gagner. Les Noirs, qui affectionnent tant le jeu au large, vont plutôt jouer l’occupation et cela va leur réussir. Chauveau, très bon dimanche, va voler consécutivement deux ballons sur lancer adverse. Claverie s’applique à scorer dès que les Rouge et Blanc sont à la faute et on tourne aux citrons à 12 à zéro.

In the second half, the Black team plays a bit more and takes control. Jurado is fouled by his opponent, the strong Lotawa, who receives a yellow card.

At 15 against 14, the Testerins are on the verge of scoring through Malanda, who loses the ball in the in-goal area. However, gradually, the Cognaçais regain momentum. They start to dominate up front and it becomes challenging for RCBA. The red and white bench causes trouble for the home team, who stand firm to avoid giving in.

Dubourdeau marque pour les visiteurs et on sent les locaux baisser de pied. Cognac insiste devant, avance sur ballon porté, Basson, le numéro 8, percute fort, la mêlée cognaçaise met à mal celle du Bassin, mais rien n’y fait. De plus, Dubourdeau manque deux fois la cible.

It is becoming difficult for the Bassin, who is coaching. Despite this, one can sense Cognac’s ability to come back. The crowd is pushing their team, and it is indeed the RCBA that will finish stronger.

Claverie ramène les siens dans les 22 adverses. Sur une mêlée conquérante, le numéro huit Williams s’échappe et marque en force. Avec les deux points de la transformation, c’en est fini des chances du leader. Et au terme de huit longues minutes d’arrêts de jeu, le RCBA tient enfin sa première victoire après deux défaites.

Cognac, who had previously won two times in a row, experienced a setback.

Anthony Tesquet, the backline coach of RCBA, was smiling: « We have finally started the season. We were affected by our two defeats, which didn’t really reflect the effort we put in. This time, we weren’t afraid to win and that’s a positive thing. »

Obviously, the speech was very different from Adrien Buononato, sports director of USC: « We were completely absent in the first half of the fight. We also lose too many balls in touch. If we managed to rectify in the second half, unfortunately we made a mistake in the strategy by wanting to play too much. Congratulations to RCBA. It was our first away game and we learned this Sunday. Let’s not forget that our group has been renewed by 80% and that nothing is easy. »