Marie-Sylvie Roux has become the new mayor of the village of Juilles.

l’essentielMarie-Sylvie Roux has become the new mayor of Juilles since July. We had the opportunity to meet with this passionate individual, who deeply cares about the future of her village.

C’est la nouvelle première édile. Elle s’appelle Marie-Sylvie Roux et remplace donc Pierre Rouméguère, qui avait assuré cette fonction avec brio et amour durant de très nombreuses années. Elle a été élue par son conseil, après l’arrivée au même conseil de Stéphane Réniche, élu par la population locale.

Marie-Sylvie Roux spent many years in administrative management for a large insurance group in the Prevoyance department. Along with her husband, who is a craftsman-cabinetmaker, they decided to leave the energy-consuming Parisian life and moved to Ariège (09) and then recently to Colomiers (31). They started searching for their « house of happiness » and began exploring the eastern part of the Gers department. They eventually stumbled upon a place called « En Marrots » which instantly captured their hearts, and they have been living there for over 7 years now.

Sur le chemin tracé par Pierre Rouméguère

There is still a long way to go until the tricolor scarf. And even though they are now homeowners in this beautiful countryside and haven of peace, they don’t know many people here. It’s the taste of others, and the arrival in 2016 as fast as it was opportune of the famous local festival that will act as a particle accelerator. They start to meet their neighbors, the Juillois, but also the elected officials. Then the meeting with Pierre Rouméguère, the mayor: quickly, a connection is made. At first, it’s friendly. But the two retirees now have free time. With a vacant position on the council, Marie-Sylvie Roux joins the structure. With the outcome we know today.

The new mayor does not plan a palace revolution, but rather a logical continuation in the footsteps of her predecessor, who tragically passed away in the spring. It is a small village where life is good and revolves around agricultural work. In the coming months, there will be a green outdoor area near the town hall. Embracing the famous quote from « Tontons Flingueurs » that one should never leave Montauban, Marie-Sylvie Roux now feels at home and has every intention of staying here.

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For a second term, she will assess the results at the end of it. But she confirms, with a tremor in her voice, « having been remarkably welcomed by everyone », both as a new resident and as mayor. One thing is certain, she fully involves herself in the numerous management tasks, even if they are for a small municipality, with complete trust in her council and the elected officials who serve. Although 2026 is still far away, Marie-Sylvie Roux is already prepared with a determined team, leading a municipality where Pierre Rouméguère’s legacy serves as an additional source of motivation. One thing is certain, Juilles will remain Juilles, and for a long time.