Mazères. Les nouveaux Mazériens officiellement accueillis

Every year, during the association forum, Louis Marette, the mayor of Mazères, invites new residents of Mazères to meet him and the municipal team. During the last meeting, the mayor presented « the Mazères of today, » emphasizing that the « bastide has a rich historical past, ranging from the Merovingian era to the Middle Ages. » He also mentioned that the population, which is close to 4,000 inhabitants, reflects « a growing demographic dynamism. » « Mazères is a pleasant and dynamic city that includes four industrial zones and over 1,200 industrial jobs. » He then provided practical information regarding public services before discussing the topic of « living and working in Mazères. » He specifically mentioned healthcare coverage and presented the main companies in the area.

In conclusion, Louis Marette mentioned the Mazères associative fabric, which includes over 70 associations.

A great opportunity for the new residents of Mazères to meet the mayor, ask questions, and engage in discussions with the elected officials.

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