Montcuq-en-Quercy-Blanc. Une nouvelle conseillère rejoint l’équipe municipale

The Montcuq municipal council had its first meeting on Tuesday, September 5th. Mayor Alain Lalabarde welcomed a new council member, Patricia Parayre, who was elected following the resignation of Camille Bertholet-Fraunié, who has left the region.

The municipal council has made an amendment to the public domain occupancy agreement for the operation of a cross park at Montcuq’s water body. The monthly fee has been set at €10 from September 16th to June 14th, with the base structure remaining on-site outside the summer period. This agreement will be in effect until September 2027, by which time the cross park must be completely dismantled. This decision provided an opportunity to observe once again the high visitor numbers at the lake this summer.

The total cost of the multisport field (city park), which was installed next to the gymnasium and inaugurated on June 24th during the « Montcuq, terre de Jeux » day, is 48,004 €. A grant request of 24,002 € has been submitted to the National Sports Agency as part of the « 5,000 sports fields plan ».

The council has approved the acquisition of three plots of land in the Saint-Privat suburb, along the RD 55, with a total area of 1,179 m2 at a price of €35,000. Near the Saint-Privat cemetery, the municipality will also purchase three plots of land to create a parking area and an access path to the cemetery. The total area is 2,725 m2 at a price of €2,000. Regarding the cemetery, the maximum duration of the temporary vault concession (communal depository) has been set at six months.

It has been decided to grant a subsidy of 500 € to the association Thos production, led by the young filmmaker Thomas Robert, who resides in Lendou-en-Quercy. The subsidy will be used to produce a short film involving young individuals from the area.

The rental fee for the dance hall has finally been set at 6 € per hour.

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