Montrabé. Des projets pour le village en matière d’urbanisme

On Friday, September 1, 2023, Jacques Sebi, the mayor of Montrabé, spoke during the opening of the local festival and emphasized that this celebration « is a significant element for unity and identity in Montrabé. »

The new Festival Committee and its president Stéphanie Massié were honored as the « great organizers of this celebration ». Mr. Sebi invited everyone who is « attracted to the joy of living and good spirits » to join them.

M. Sebi expressed his gratitude to his deputy for Solidarity, Marie-Claude Pizzuto, as well as the elected officials and volunteers, for their efforts during heatwaves.

He mentioned the various improvement works carried out to maintain public buildings, as well as the Montpin playground and video surveillance. Then he emphasized that « the main focus of our investment is in energy transition », with the expected support from Toulouse Métropole and the Departmental Council.

Regarding urban planning, Mr. Sebi emphasized that the 37 municipalities of the Metropolis are drafting the new urban plan for 2025, which will require each municipality to take into account the climate and resilience law and Zero Net Artificialization. Montrabé is classified as a « relay municipality » and must therefore adhere to a density of 50 housing units/ha for housing production on land open to urbanization. In conclusion, J. Sebi mentioned the project to requalify the town center of the Municipality, carried out with the support of Toulouse Metropolis. He announced that a public meeting would be organized to present « the diagnosis of the town center, its requalification and programming challenges. »