Mouthiers-sur-Boëme : Les féminines en force au Sporting club de Mouthiers

Comme tous les mercredis, ce 13 septembre, à 19h, Elina, Virginie, Anaïs, Isabelle, Aurélie et leurs copines participent à l…

CEvery Wednesday, on September 13th, at 7pm, Elina, Virginie, Anaïs, Isabelle, Aurélie, and their friends participate in the training of a women’s soccer team. « These trainings started at their request, » says Pierre Desvages, president of SCM, « and they come in a recreational sports spirit. At the moment, they are not looking for competition and anyone interested can join the group by calling 06 08 48 72 16. » For an hour and fifteen minutes, every Wednesday, Pierre Desvages trains this group of passionate individuals with Elina Bennaceur as their reference. The creation of an official team of eight players is planned for January.

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