Moux. Au fil des dossiers du conseil municipal

A municipal council meeting was held on Wednesday, August 30, during which various topics were discussed. The council expressed support for the establishment of a new business in the village following a request for installation support from Angelie Bolano. She wishes to open a business that combines a bakery, tea salon, and flower shop. Gérard Pioch provided an update on the progress of the two photovoltaic projects with Eurocape, the work carried out by the agents in the school in preparation for the new school year, and the construction of the new cafeteria. He also mentioned the progress of the selective sorting project. A letter was distributed to all residents affected by the project. To ensure the safety of residents and improve accessibility for emergency services and waste collection, a traffic ban, except for authorized vehicles, will be implemented on Liberty Street and Jean-Lebrau Street. Traffic and parking arrangements will also be made on Ferdinand-Théron Street and Pump Street (towards Saint-Régis Square). Other streets may also be affected by these measures. Additionally, a meeting with Geoptis aimed to identify all streets and paths in order to rename some of them to facilitate various services such as security, mail delivery, company interventions, and emergency services. The clearance of overgrown land and pruning of low branches will be addressed in a renewed effort. The affected property owners will be contacted soon via mail.

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