À Mérignac, l’ACH doit faire respecter la hiérarchie

Last week, the Angoumoisines still had a few scares when their opponents inflicted an eight to zero defeat, bringing them back to minus four. « It’s true, » admits Angoumoisin coach Édouard Vandermesse, « that we had a big slump. But we learn from our mistakes and fortunately, this one doesn’t cost us any points. We tried to address this issue in training this week. »

Car à Mérignac, il ne faudra probablement pas connaître un tel passage à vide. Déjà le match se joue en lever de rideau de Mérignac – Plan-de-Cuques (D1) et Édouard Vandermesse ne sait pas du tout quel genre d’équipe il va affronter.

« I am aware that they had a good match in Bergerac, » he says, « but we didn’t have any footage of that game, so we couldn’t do a technical analysis. I assume it’s a similar profile to Celles-sur-Belle, considering it is a reserve team from a training center. »

Monter en professionnalisme

For this trip to Gironde, the coach will still not be able to rely on the entirety of his team.

Indeed, Laura Simon, who is still struggling with a quadriceps injury, will be absent again. Just like Charlotte Groo, who is suspended due to yellow cards received last season. Both of them are expected to return against Côte Basque next week. However, Maëlig Cimbé, who was absent against Celles-sur-Belle, will be present.

« We do not have any major injuries to report, reassures the coach, and I should have a full squad available for the match against Côte Basque. And if we are ambitious, we must elevate our professionalism in all aspects. »

Given the club’s ambition, any outcome other than a victory would be considered a disappointment.

Justine Hamburger’s partners have the capability to assert themselves, before calmly hosting Côte Basque, a team defeated by ACH during the preparation.

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