Piscines : la mairie de Toulouse soutient le projet de Cité de la natation du Toec

l’essentielYesterday, the mayor announced for the first time the municipality’s support for the swimming city project led by the Dauphins du Toec on Ramier Island.

The mayor will support the Dauphins du Toec in their project for a swimming center, which includes the construction of three pools in a building on Ramier Island. For the first time, Jean-Luc Moudenc officially said « yes » yesterday during his press conference. « We are the first local authority to take a position, » he stated, specifying the amount that the municipality is prepared to allocate to this project, which is primarily funded by private partners of the swimming club.

Jean-Luc Moudenc has announced his readiness to contribute 4 million euros, with a portion being in the form of a « financial valuation ». The project is planned to be located on the municipal grounds of hall 7 in the former exhibition park, with another portion being provided as a grant.

Trois étages sur pilotis

The Dauphins du Toec, who are currently training in the Castex basin on the Ramier Island, have been working on an ambitious project for years, which was revealed by President Vincent Gardeau in our columns in October 2022. The sketches of the City of Swimming, created by Toulouse architect Jean-Paul Viguier, who is working on the project with the engineering firm Betem, show a three-story building on stilts, covering an area of 9,500 m2, similar to the Barrière casino-theater due to the flood-prone terrain. On the first floor, there are two pools, one for learning and one measuring 25 meters. And on the third floor, there is an uncovered Olympic pool measuring 50 meters.

The estimated cost of the project is 30 million euros. The private share will be slightly over 50%, allowing the Dauphins du Toec to maintain control of the structure. Private partners from the healthcare sector are among the financial stakeholders. Additionally, the club, which will take on a loan, will also launch a foundation fund.

The Swimming City will be a new training center for the Dolphins. However, it will also be open to everyone with a focus on medical-sports activities as well.

Yesterday, in addition to this support, Jean-Luc Moudenc mentioned new sports projects: outdoor fitness trails, City stadiums, a gymnasium dojo (in Jolimont and Saint-Simon) as well as « continuing the swimming pool plan ». « We are the community that supports clubs the most with €5.5 million per year. »