Planification écologique : Elisabeth Borne détaille la répartition des 10 milliards d’euros

The government’s « ecological planning » is gradually being revealed before Emmanuel Macron gives it a solemn character with a speech scheduled for next Monday.

Following the meeting of party leaders at Matignon on Monday on this subject, yesterday in front of the National Council of Refoundation dedicated to the presentation of ecological planning, the Prime Minister detailed the allocation of the budget dedicated to this major project, which amounts to 10 billion euros of investments, 7 billion euros of state expenses in 2024, and an additional 3 billion euros for multi-year projects beyond 2024.

Six domaines

« I cannot reword »

In terms of building renovation, there will be 1.6 billion euros for housing and 0.6 billion euros for government buildings. In terms of energy, 0.8 billion euros will be allocated to biomethane, 0.7 billion euros to hydrogen, and 0.3 billion euros for other overseas projects.

In terms of mobility, 1.4 billion euros will be allocated for infrastructure (rail, public transportation, waterways, maritime) and 0.2 for the greening of cars and trucks.

In terms of industry (green competitiveness): the investments from the State through France 2030 and other actors (such as the Public Investment Bank) will amount to 1.8 billion euros.

Finally, in support of local communities, Matignon has confirmed 0.5 billion euros of assistance with the Green Fund and 0.3 for the greening of endowments.

« I cannot reword »

« I cannot reword »