Planification et transition de l’agriculture : près d’1 milliard d’euros de plus au budget en 2024

l’essentiel Cette somme supplémentaire s’ajoutera aux quelque 5,9 milliards d’euros du budget agricole français en 2023, soit une hausse d’environ 15%

Installation et accès à la terre des jeunes agriculteurs, planification écologique : le gouvernement va augmenter de « près d’un milliard d’euros » le budget 2024 de l’agriculture pour accompagner ces transitions, a annoncé le ministre Marc Fesneau dimanche 10 septembre.

The additional sum will be added to the approximately 5.9 billion euros of the French agricultural budget in 2023, representing an increase of about 15%, highlighted the ministry, on the sidelines of a speech by Marc Fesneau during the « Terre de Jim » gathering in Cambrai (North) organized by the Young Farmers’ Union (JA), close to the majority union FNSEA.

« 2,6 à 2,7 milliards » d’ici 2026

The additional effort, compared to 2023, will reach « 2.6 to 2.7 billion » by 2026, the minister added. In his speech transmitted to AFP, Marc Fesneau announced that the agricultural orientation law project, which was initially announced for the autumn, should be « examined in Parliament by December, probably in the first reading at the National Assembly. » Based on a « pact » that also includes regulatory measures, this law is intended to help rebuild French agriculture, both to ensure the transfer of farms, the installation of young farmers, and the environmental transition of a sector that must continue to produce the country’s food while reducing its CO2 emissions.

As part of the planning, the government plans to create a « food sovereignty and ecological transition fund » that will be used to « enable agricultural farms to locally adapt their economic model to the requirements of decarbonizing activities, developing renewable energy production, or adapting to climate change, » the ministry explained.