Pranzac : chamboule-tout à la ferme équestre de Flamenac

A process started by this equestrian center (ranked as the top club in Charente, the top club in Nouvelle-Aquitaine, and in the top 10 nationally in terms of show jumping results) a year ago, allowing members to find alternative structures. This is because club training and lessons have permanently ceased this summer.

A personalized sports project suitable for all skill levels.

Car avec l’arrivée des nouveaux propriétaires – David Fayet, Gersois d’origine qui a tenu de gros centres équestres en région toulousaine, en Martinique ou du côté de Nantes et sa compagne Émilie Daurensan – celui-ci va changer d’orientation.

« We will develop a stable for owners and riders who wish to improve their skills for show jumping competitions by training young sport horses. It will be a personalized sports project for all levels, from amateurs to professionals, » explains David Fayet, who currently has around fifteen boarders and can accommodate up to sixty horses.

er janvier à David Cottin.erIn September, it renamed its activity as « The Lapse Stud Farm ».

« It is an equestrian center that has many advantages, first of all in terms of the well-thought-out site, as everything is functional for taking care of the horses with a small team, » argues David Fayet when asked why he fell in love with Flamenac. « It is also very well located geographically, being close to Royan, Saumur, Pompadour, and Bordeaux, which helps reduce travel times, which is very important in competition. »

In order to support the riders who wish to join this new organization called « Écuries de Flamenac », David Fayet has recently hired Morganne Ertle, who has just graduated with a DESJEPS (State Diploma in Youth, Popular Education, and Sports) in horseback riding from Saumur. She will bring all her skills to the riders. « My job will be to optimize performance through observation, analysis, and improvement so that the rider-horse pair becomes more competitive according to the set objectives, » she explains.

« I cannot reword »

To achieve this, he plans to quickly make improvements to the site by acquiring an automatic horse walker. But most importantly, he will set up a new large arena measuring 80m by 50m at the entrance of the farm for hosting all external competitions, as the current one (70m by 30m) is not large enough and will be used for warm-up purposes afterwards.

The first indoor CSO club is already scheduled for November 26th, and three or four will be organized each year. Interested riders and horse owners can contact « Les écuries de Flamenac » on their Facebook and Instagram accounts or at 06 15 43 40 83.