Pro D2 : le SU Agen était si proche, mais aussi si loin de la victoire à Grenoble

l’essentiel Dominateurs dans le secteur de la mêlée, mais maladroits dans le jeu, les Agenais repartent de l’Isère avec un point de bonus défensif frustrant après avoir couru derrière le score tout le long du match. 

The SUA had announced its intentions. With a nearly standard team composition, the ambitions of Agen were clear. Namely, to win all four points of victory. For a large part of the match, Bernard Goutta’s men were in the game.

At the start, the Lot-et-Garonnais show determination and a willingness to play. A dominant scrum allows them to quickly establish themselves in the opponent’s half. However, Clément Martinez’s throws are blocked twice in the scoring area by the Isérois. Like throughout the season, Agen is strong in the scrum but lacks accuracy in the lineout.

Le SUA subit les débats

On the contrary, Grenoble is extremely realistic. On their first attack into the opponent’s 22, the home team finds their way to the try line. Captain Steeve Blanc-Mappaz breaks through Thomas Vincent’s tackle to open the scoring with a powerful charge (7-0, 10th minute).

If Vincent scores the first three points for his team after a foul on the ground (7-3, 15th minute), the home team shows more accuracy in the scoring zone. After a splendid 50-22 from Welsh playmaker Sam Davies, FCG puts pressure on Agen. The hard work of the forwards is finally rewarded with a powerful try by Régis Montagne, on a pick and go (12-3, 22nd minute).

Privés de munitions en touche, les hommes de Bernard Goutta ont du mal à mettre la main sur le ballon. Même la mêlée se fait sanctionner, pour le plus grand plaisir de Davies (15-3, 26e). Agen est proche du K.-O. lors du premier acte. Mais c’est au moment où ils sont le plus en difficulté que les partenaires de William Demotte se révoltent.

After a good restart, Théo Idjellidaine plays the short side. The SUA finds itself five meters from the try line and makes the right choice this time, allowing Vincent to score a try with his fingertips (15-10, 36th minute). After another penalty from both sides, the SUA goes into halftime with a five-point deficit (18-13, 40th minute). Quite fortunate considering the course of the match.

A frustrating lack of realism during the second act.

Les Lot-et-Garonnais attaquent la seconde mi-temps de belle manière, en investissant les 22 adverses. Mais un en-avant de Martin Devergie coupe une action très dangereuse. Néanmoins, le SUA se montre dominateur, notamment en mêlée où Hans Lombard-Buret et Alex Burin font très mal à leurs adversaires directs.

Unfortunately, Vincent experiences his first penalty failure. A few minutes later, a good penalty touch is wasted due to an Agen mistake. The visitors are dominant, but it doesn’t really show on the scoreboard. It takes about fifteen minutes for Vincent to finally reward this strong start to the second half, but Grenoble quickly responds through the excellent Davies (21-16, 56th minute).

The game’s product agent struggles against the defense of Grenoble. Grenoble rarely intervenes in Agen’s field, but has scoring opportunities on every occasion, which Davies takes advantage of to increase the lead (24-16, 62nd minute). However, in the second half, SUA showcases its power. After multiple scrum penalties, Luka Goginava receives a yellow card, while Vincent brings his team closer (24-19, 65th minute).

With fifteen minutes left, the Agen team is more than ever in the game. However, they will be too inaccurate to break through the impeccable defense of Isère. Frustrating for the deserving Agen team, but they only leave with one point from this long trip to the Alps.


M.-T. : 18-13.
Arbitre : M. Hernandez.
Évolution du score : 7-0, 7-3, 12-3, 15-3, 15-10, 18-10, 18-13 ; 18-16, 21-16, 24-16, 24-19.
Winners: 2 E Blanc-Mappaz (10), Montagne (22); 1 T (10) and 4 P Davies (26, 38, 56, 62).
Vaincus : 1 E Vincent (36) ; 1 T et 4 P Vincent (15, 40, 54, 65).
GRENOBLE : Farnoux ; Dridi (Cros, 66), Fusier (Trouilloud, 63), Ezcurra, Qadiri (Eglaine, 67 ; Qadiri, 75) ; (o) Davies, (m) Couilloud (Escande, 52) ; Blanc-Mappaz (cap.), Berruyer, Martel (Nansen, 66) ; Nansen (Muarua, 50), Phillips ; Montagne (Vial, 70), Massa (Sarragallet, 61), Eglaine (Goginava, 47).
Exp. temp. : Goginava (64).
AGEN : Tolot (Volavola, 57) ; Purdy (Volavola, 5 ; Purdy, 17), Garrigues (Ramoka, 75), Ramoka (Sloan, 64), Etcheverry (Tolot, 75) ; (o) Vincent, (m) Idjellidaine (Warner, 57) ; Gayraud, Devergie (Erbani, 75), Erbani (Bonnet, 57) ; Demotte (cap.), Maksymiw (Farrance, 46) ; Burin (Sauzaret, 63), Martinez (Jouvin, 63), Lombard-Buret (Guion, 57).
Exp. temp. : Bonnet (78).
The match score: 12 out of 20.
The players of the match: Steeve BLANC-MAPPAZ, Sam DAVIES (Grenoble), Alex BURIN (Agen).

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