Présidentielle 2027 : Édouard Philippe, Gérald Darmanin et Bruno Le Maire sur la ligne de départ

l’essentiel Édouard Philippe, Gérald Darmanin et Bruno Le Maire se préparent déjà en vue de la prochaine présidentielle en 2027. L’ancien Premier ministre, qui faisait sa rentrée politique, ce vendredi 15 septembre, à Angers, est celui dont les troupes sont le plus structurées.

Did this outstretched hand not have the appearance of a power struggle? The words were friendly, however: « I want those who have been by my side during these six years, who have implemented reforms alongside me, to be able to take over. Édouard Philippe has done this well, he is a friend, » assured Emmanuel Macron on July 25th in Nouméa. But by endorsing Édouard Philippe, the President of the Republic consciously opened the battle for his succession. Since then, he has been observing, much to the delight of his close associates, as other candidates position themselves. The head of state, very Darwinian, relishes these moments where everyone competes in order to determine, in his opinion, the best.

Philippe aims to seduce beyond the boundaries of Macronism.

There are currently three people on the starting line: Édouard Philippe, Gérald Darmanin, and Bruno Le Maire. The first one is leading in the polls and made his political comeback this week while walking a fine line. He must remain loyal to the President in order to not alienate voters who are still loyal to him, while also differentiating himself to appeal to those beyond the boundaries of Macronism, which have been shrinking for the past 6 years.

But if the mayor of Le Havre takes care not to attack the tenant of the Élysée, he does not spare his own opponents. One of his close associates confided, at the end of August, to La Dépêche: « His conception is that, when you do politics, you address everyone, not just the working class. Because when you start addressing only one category, you pit the French against each other and it’s not a good start to building a Nation. When you want to be President, you have to address everyone. »

Darmanin clive terriblement

Gérald Darmanin est évidemment visé, lui qui a, lors de sa rentrée à Tourcoing le 27 août, décidé de s’adresser à ces catégories. Il estime qu’elles ont été laissées-pour-compte depuis 6 ans. Une critique à peine voilée de la politique entreprise par le chef de l’État. Si les macronistes ne sont pas tous fans d’Edouard Philippe, ils louent sa loyauté alors que Gérald Darmanin clive terriblement. Un front s’est même monté contre lui lorsqu’il a fait mine de se préparer pour Matignon.

« I will leave the government if he is appointed, » assured us a prominent minister in early September. The historical supporters of the party criticize him for both directly attacking Emmanuel Macron and embodying a very authoritarian line that is rejected by those who come from the right or liberal left. Another disadvantage of Gérald Darmanin is his lack of a militant base. Unlike Édouard Philippe, who is trying to « build an army » according to one of his close associates, the Minister of the Interior can only truly rely on his stronghold in the north.

The Minister is struggling to step out of his area of expertise.

Behind the two favorites, Bruno Le Maire also lays down markers, but with less obviousness. This leads some to say, « He pretends to prepare himself because if he doesn’t, he is politically dead, but he knows he has no chance. » He also lacks troops, but on the other hand, he cultivates his relationships with parliamentarians whom he regularly invites to lunch. « Well, he receives them in groups, it’s a slaughter, whereas Gérald receives them one by one and really listens, » mocks a supporter of the Interior Minister. Furthermore, the head of Bercy is currently struggling to step out of his field of expertise and make more societal proposals.

Édouard Philippe, Gérald Darmanin, and Bruno Le Maire are not the only ones considering 2027. Some others, more discreetly, claim that Jean Castex is preparing himself, just like the President of the Assembly, Yael Braun-Pivet, who is increasing her travels in France and abroad to expand her fame. Élisabeth Borne is also suspected of considering it. Emmanuel Macron, on the other hand, observes, counts the points, and hopes to see a successor emerge who will not challenge his legacy too much.

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