«Rencontres de Saint-Denis»: les conditions de LR à Emmanuel Macron

Until Sunday, September 10th, the focus was on « proposals for modification or addition » to Emmanuel Macron’s letter addressed to party leaders following the meetings on August 30th in Saint-Denis.

In a four-page response, as reported by Le Figaro, Les Républicains have outlined four « unavoidable » priorities. These include addressing the « crisis of purchasing power, » tackling the « insecurity that plagues our territories, » addressing the « mass immigration that threatens our civilization, » and ensuring the « freedom of the press and media from the influence of certain ideologues. »

At first glance, LR criticizes the initiative of the President of the Republic. « We have done it sincerely but not without skepticism. This initiative that you wanted to carry alone is – at this stage – relatively disappointing in terms of its method and scope, » says Eric Ciotti, president of the right-wing party. « I have made very specific proposals to you, » he adds, « and now we are waiting for the concrete follow-up that you intend to give them, with a precise timetable. »

And the president of LR turns to the Parliament: « Your initiative must necessarily continue within the framework of our institutions because major issues that affect national interest cannot be addressed through informal ad hoc exchanges. »

« I cannot reword »

Regarding insecurity, LR seizes on the issue of riots to make three requests again: the return of the so-called « Ciotti » law (on the removal of family allowances from failing parents), the « reinstatement of minimum sentences, » as well as the development of a prison plan to build new facilities.

Another point: « mass immigration ». LR advocates for a « new constitutional framework » and for their proposed law to be submitted to Parliament in « identical terms » before being « subjected to a referendum ». Six levers are defended, including the implementation of migration caps voted on by Parliament, the submission of asylum applications at the border or in consular centers, and the withdrawal from the 1968 agreements with Algeria.

Finally, regarding press freedom, LR denounces « a worrying trend where certain media outlets seem to be infiltrated by a dogmatic and closed-minded left, jeopardizing the balance and diversity of our information. »