RN and Reconquête! are in conflict over the Meloni case.

Les faits –

The Minister of Interior, Gérald Darmanin, traveled to Rome on Monday to deliver a message of « firmness » in response to the migration crisis in Lampedusa. On Friday, Jordan Bardella urged the president not to welcome « a single migrant, » while Eric Zemmour supported on Monday that, if he were in power, « not a single migrant would arrive. »

« I love you, me neither, » whispers Italy and the French far-right. In recent months, the post-fascist leader Giorgia Meloni has relaxed her immigration policy, causing embarrassment for the National Rally and Reconquête!; the same leader Marine Le Pen praised after her election last October, rejoicing that « patriots are coming to power » in Europe; the one that the zemmourists covet as an ally or in the European Parliament. The crisis in Lampedusa – with the arrival of several thousand migrants on the small Italian island – has confirmed the split with the National Rally. And it has sparked a confrontation between the two far-right parties, as Eric Zemmour and Jordan Bardella have declared that they do not want to welcome any migrants in France.