Rodez. Démission de sept élus au conseil municipal de Millau

l’essentielEmmanuelle Gazel, the mayor of Millau, acknowledges the resignation of seven members of the municipal majority on Tuesday, September 12, and denounces it as a « sad political maneuver. »

The mayor of Millau, Emmanuelle Gazel, finally responded to the resignation of the seven majority-elected officials on the city council through a press release. The decision of the members of the « True Plurality » group, formed in March 2023, was officially announced on Tuesday, September 12th, causing a new disorder within the Millau city council.

« I only consider the common interest and not the party label. »

«  I acknowledge the resignation of seven municipal councilors from the municipal majority elected in 2020 by the residents of Millavois, and I deeply regret it.introduit l’édile« For the past three years, I have established a clear rule that everyone in my team is aware of. » I work for everyone, for our city and our territory, and not for one side. Because when you are in a position of responsibility, only the common interest matters, not the label of your party. Therefore, issues of egos and political quarrels, especially after discussing these topics together, seem far removed from the aspirations and needs of our residents who rightly no longer tolerate this way of doing things. « 

I am determined to « work and act for Millau ».

She describes this resignation as« Il s’agit d’un regrettable coup politique. Il survient après la formation d’un groupe au sein du conseil municipal où certains membres ont parfois soutenu ceux-là même qui s’opposaient à notre projet municipal. », reprend Emmanuelle Gazel.

I want to say it firmly and seriously: at a time when many families in the city are experiencing social and economic difficulties, at a time when we are revitalizing our city after paying off the debts left by the previous majority, this political maneuver will not diminish my determination to work daily for Millau.

Ce qui écarte donc une démission de sa part comme ce que réclame le groupe de « Millau en Action », dirigé par Christophe Saint-Pierre, l’ancien maire (lire ci-dessous).

« Continuer à travailler avec tous les habitants »

The municipal majority is working. With them, I intend to continue working with all the residents of our city in the same spirit, and I call for the gathering of all those who want to build a dynamic, welcoming city, proud of its history, and who want to prepare for its future in a peaceful and respectful climate towards our fellow citizens., conclut Emmanuelle Gazel.

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