Rodez. Été, hôpital, sécurité… la rentrée de Christian Teyssèdre

l’essentielThis fall, Christian Teyssèdre, mayor of Rodez, reflects on « the most successful summer in recent years », particularly highlighted by the first edition of F’estivada at the stud farm. It is also an opportunity this fall to discuss the projects that will shape the city in the coming months, and the recent news, marked by the regulation of access to the emergency department of Rodez hospital.

Qu’avez-vous particulièrement apprécié de la programmation estivale à Rodez cet été ?

For me, it is simple. This has been the most successful summer in recent years. And this is true from every perspective, whether it’s the children’s activities or the cultural and festive aspects. F’estivada was a true success, surpassing our expectations with the presence of 30,000 festival-goers throughout the event, and most importantly, no incidents to report.

The projection mapping on the cathedral and Rodez beach are also sources of satisfaction, despite the unpredictable weather. This entire program is both popular worldwide and affordable for everyone due to its pricing. With F’estivada, you could attend a concert featuring Soprano and three other artists for only 25 €! This contributes to Rodez’s positive image in terms of attractiveness, and this summer demonstrates that such events can be successfully organized here.

Will a similar program be renewed next year?

We would like to stay on the same basis while improving them, as it works very well. But a new development disrupts our program. We recently received a letter from the Ministry of Interior informing us that for security reasons due to the Olympic Games (which will take place in Paris from July 26th to August 11th, Editor’s note), events such as F’estivada, which gather a large number of people, will not be able to take place during a period ranging from one week before the opening ceremony until the end of the competition (This year F’estivada took place from July 22nd to 24th, Editor’s note).

A significant portion of law enforcement personnel are being deployed in Île-de-France to ensure the smooth running of these Games.

So, what will happen in this second edition?

It is not confirmed 100%, but we should postpone the event around August 15th. This would disrupt the program somewhat, and as a result, we may organize Rodez-plage spanning both July and August. These changes completely disrupt what we had planned in terms of programming, and now we need to find new artists. In any case, we do not want to postpone it before July 14th. Furthermore, that would put us in competition with Pause Guitare in Albi, and that is not what we are looking for.

Comment se présentent les comptes financiers après ce premier F’estivada ?

Pour l’heure, le budget n’est pas finalisé. Mais nous comptons 700 000 € de recettes et environ 900 000 € de dépenses. Peut-être que ce chiffre montera encore un peu, mais ce n’est pas un souci. En tant que commune, nous devons être là pour nous assurer que le festival fonctionne et qu’il convient aux demandes du public. Et je crois que nous avons réussi.

What about the other events?

This year, the sound and light show has evolved, but the success remains. According to the police, the attendance is around 70,000 people throughout the month. Now, the question is whether we will continue with this same formula.

Ensuite pour Rodez-plage, au-delà de la question de la date, nous réfléchissons également à son emplacement. Cette édition au haras est réussie, mais Layoule apporte peut-être plus de fraîcheur lors des périodes de fortes chaleurs. Nous étudierons cette question conjointement avec les autres élus.

Les événements autour du théâtre seront également reconduits, nous travaillerons cette année avec trois compagnies : le Théâtre pour Demain et Après de Laurent Cornic, le Club dramatique de Mélanie Vayssettes et bien sûr Rutènes en scène.

Et en ce qui concerne le domaine sportif ?

The Rallye du Rouergue will celebrate its 50th edition, so of course we will be participating! As for the Tour de France, we are applying to host the event. However, we believe that the men’s peloton will most likely pass through Rodez in 2025 or 2026, and we have high hopes for it.

On a completely different note, this summer was also marred by numerous fires (10 vehicles were burned on the Camonil plateau on Monday, September 28th, and four in Gourgan on Saturday, September 9th, Editor’s note)…

Necessarily, we are subject to the results of the surveys, but what is concerning is the repetition of these events. This conditions us to accelerate our deployment plan for surveillance cameras. We will initiate an operation to install 200 cameras throughout the city over a period of three years. This subsequently raises a problem regarding public lighting, which is turned off from 1 am to 5 am. By 2025, we will transition from 60 to 100% LED streetlights. The idea will then be to keep the public lighting active while reducing its intensity. This will allow for energy savings while ensuring a certain level of brightness to address the issue of security.

Les locaux de Rodez agglo ont également subi des dommages.

These moments have been challenging, but everything is progressing well. The traffic access on Aristide-Briand street and public access to the unaffected part of the Rodez agglo building will reopen this week. Meanwhile, the businesses in the nursery are temporarily located at 33 Victor-Hugo Avenue, and in less than two months, they will be able to return to the ground floor, first floor, and second floor of the building that was damaged by the fire. The fourth floor, of course, will need to be rebuilt.

Les compagnies d’assurance ont déterminé que la raison de cet événement était inconnue, ce qui va faciliter la progression du processus.

The time for the back-to-school has arrived, what plans do you have in mind for the schools in Rodez?

Des travaux seront menés à l’école de Gourgan. Le projet reste le même, il consiste à regrouper les deux écoles et de construire un gymnase à la place de la maternelle.

Next, there is a real question for the Ramadier school. Its future will be determined by the potential relocation of the Rodez fire station. If they move to Vabre road, instead of the former Arcadie premises, then we will relocate the Ramadier school to the Louis-Dausse emergency center. Additionally, these premises belong to Rodez agglo. We are waiting for approval from the Sdis, as the firefighters have the final say on the location of their future station.

Cette semaine est marquée par la régulation de l’accès aux urgences à l’hôpital de Rodez, une situation de plus en plus fréquente…

This is a real issue. We have a serious problem in our hospitals. I ask the government to do everything possible to resolve this situation. It has become a regular occurrence for us to face staffing difficulties, but it is not normal. Personally, I will never get used to it and I plan to write to the Minister of Health, Aurélien Rousseau, regarding this matter.

En tant que maire et membre du conseil de surveillance de l’hôpital, quelles mesures envisagez-vous de prendre pour améliorer cette situation ?

My role is actually limited. However, I find it unacceptable, especially in a hospital that has a departmental impact. The issue is that these understaffing situations are not foreseen.

Quels sont les projets politiques qui vont façonner cette rentrée ?

There are many of them, there will be plenty to do. First, we will start the project of the covered market on Eugène-Raynaldy square. Within a month, the first works will begin on the square. This will involve transferring the market and creating complementarity between the Town Hall and Bourg squares.

Then, we will need to complete the work on the Paul-Lignon stadium and continue what we have started at the stud farm. Four million euros have been spent this year, particularly on roof renovations and bringing the site up to standards.

At the Agglo, we will need to reflect on the swimming pools (Christian Teyssèdre wanting to create an outdoor pool serving as a summer pool in Rodez, the details of which are yet to be established, Editor’s note). 2024 will be a very important year…