Rugby à XIII – Super League, 26e journée : la chasse aux points est ouverte

l’essentielThe Dragons Catalans closely observed the performances of Wigan and St-Helens last night. Their two rivals for the Top 2 did not stumble, on the contrary. The Dracs are warned and beyond the necessary victory tonight, it is the goal difference that will need to be taken care of against Leeds, knowing that the Saints’ goal difference has come back to just seven units behind that of the Catalans.

The end of the Super League season has never been so uncertain for the Catalans Dragons.

Ils ont toujours assuré leur qualification, ou en ont été écartés bien avant le coup sifflet final de la phase régulière.

Two days before the end, Benjamin Garcia and his team still don’t know which position will be theirs next Friday at 10:45 PM, when the season comes to a close.

« I am looking forward to an exciting end of the season and I am enthusiastic about seeing what we will accomplish during this final part of the season. », assume Steve McNamara, qui dédramatise dès qu’il le peut, l’éventualité pour son équipe de finir à la troisième place. « We aim to finish in first place. If we are unable to finish first or second, we will finish in third place. However, regardless of the situation, we must ensure to conclude the season with a good level of performance. »

A message that is also being embraced by its players, just like its pillar Romain Navarrete.« I cannot reword »

It is not clear whether the club will agree with this, but the coach in red and gold persists and maintains his stance this week as well.No matter our final ranking, we will have a solid foundation to approach the playoffs based on what we have shown throughout the season.

« We are all well aware of the importance of the goal difference, but we must first and foremost focus on what we need to do to play well. »« I cannot reword »The most effective way to not perform well is to desperately strive for a landslide victory.que Navarrete prenne à nouveau la parole pour apaiser leurs inquiétudes.« I cannot reword », anticipe Steve McNamara qui a apprécié de « I cannot reword »

Indeed, if the Catalans regain their unity and offensive inspiration, they will have control over securing the Top 2 spot, considering that scoring in Salford next Friday will be very challenging.

Pour les Dragons, le sésame pour la demi-finale à Brutus (6 octobre) passe par un carton ce soir face à des Rhinos qui viennent d’en prendre 50 contre Wigan.