SA XV: Alexandre Ruiz attend le renfort de Laurent Cardona

On Tuesday, we played devil’s advocate. Why couldn’t he, another former international referee, take care of these disciplinary issues? The response came quickly: « We just need to sit around a table and see the work we do every day, from 6 am to 8 pm. »

I believe in it and I am the first supporter to say that arbitration is part of performance.

And to elaborate: « Today, I am responsible for the game project, the mindset, the training content, managing player contracts, speaking with agents on the phone, assessing workload with the trainers, and planning. When I want to tell a player off, I do, but management is not just about pointing out what is wrong. »

« If I add arbitration, » he adds, « the players only hear my voice saying that it’s not good. Since I don’t want to reach a conflict and I am aware of the work that Laurent (Cardona) has already done, we need to find a path of agreement and coherence among everyone. Me, Laurent, and Didier Pitcho. »

« I cannot reword »

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