Saint-Orens-de-Gameville. Subventions du conseil départemental

During the last Permanent Commission of the Departmental Council of Haute-Garonne, approximately 710,000 euros in subsidies were approved for the Escalquens canton, proposed by Emilienne Poumirol and Patrice Arseguel (mayor of Odars), departmental advisors. In detail, nearly 490,000 euros were allocated to municipalities as part of the 2023 territorial contracts, 15,000 euros for road works, over 22,000 euros for associations in the canton, 44,800 euros for colleges, 106,000 euros in aid for maintaining services in small municipalities, 10,000 euros in support for third places, and 20,000 euros for professional integration. Through these aids, the duo once again demonstrates their commitment to the dynamism and projects of the Escalquens canton.