Sainte-Soline: des écolos jusqu’à la CGT, un symbole à reprendre

Les faits –

On Friday, the General Secretary of the CGT, Sophie Binet, and several personalities from the Nupes, including Marine Tondelier (EELV), were in Niort to show solidarity with the nine opponents of the megabasins who were brought before the court. From the battle of Sainte-Soline to the retirement sequence, actors of civil disobedience no longer hesitate to speak of an « illiberal drift » of the executive. This is the story of a strange reversal in the radical green sphere.

The extreme violence of the clashes between protesters and law enforcement in Sainte-Soline could have halted the expansion of the anti-dam fight. « The burning gendarmerie trucks scare people. Naturally, it was going to turn against us, » sighs Senator Thomas Dossus, a member of the EELV delegation present at this prohibited demonstration. The targeting of gendarmes with Molotov cocktails is said to be the work of an « active minority, » « black blocs » infiltrating the processions, pacifist activists assure. However, the scenes of rural guerrilla warfare overshadow their message: no one is talking about the relevance of these water reservoirs as a climate change adaptation solution.