Saverdun. L’amélioration de la traversée du centre-ville à l’étude

« I cannot reword »

To better coordinate the sometimes conflicting needs of pedestrians, motorists, cyclists, users, merchants, passersby, and residents, the municipality has decided to launch a study called « Urban Crossing Guide Plan, » along with a parking study. In this process, the municipality is accompanied by the « Toponymy » consulting firm, which is composed of architects, landscapers, and mobility professionals. The city benefits from this external professional perspective while also considering the views and proposals of those who live in Saverdun on a daily basis.

Last Saturday, around twenty citizens gathered for a civic walk in the city center. For nearly two hours, each person had the opportunity to share their perspective, specific needs, and ideas. Due to the diversity of the attendees, the discussions were fruitful and enlightening.

A great citizen initiative that will continue in various forms: through meetings and gatherings aimed at forming a citizen committee, as well as an online questionnaire accessible at the following address: As emphasized by the municipality, « it is important for as many people as possible to express their thoughts in order to improve the downtown crossing as much as possible. »

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