Sénatoriales : Genevieve Lasfargues et Guillaume Baldy à la rencontre des élus des 313 communes du Lot

On September 24th, the voters of Lot will have the opportunity to elect their two senators. Geneviève Lasfargues and Guillaume Baldy are running in this election with a focus on working for Lot, listening to and supporting local officials. They are representing the PRG, the Left Radical Party, and have campaigned in all 313 municipalities of the department.

« We share numerous observations with local officials. »

« The Senate is the voice of local communities at the national level, expressing the interests and concerns of local elected officials. It also serves as a strong advocate for territories and rural areas. We share many observations with local elected officials, such as the administrative complexity faced by small municipalities, inadequate adaptation of laws to rural challenges, loss of autonomy and independence for local authorities, difficulties in carrying out local mandates, recruitment issues for municipal employees, and the disappearance of public services, » noted Geneviève Lasfargues and Guillaume Baldy.

Les élus régionaux du groupe des « radicaux de gauche et citoyens » sont  » convaincus que cette candidature est la bonne : elle s’inscrit dans la droite ligne des valeurs défendues par le groupe au sein de la majorité régionale. Faire plus pour nos concitoyens, mais également avec eux. », précise le PRG.

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