Sénatoriales : LFI et Verts font cause commune

l’essentiel À défaut de candidatures uniques sous la bannière de la Nupes, LFI, EELV et Génération. s présentent néanmoins deux binômes. Pour marquer le territoire et prendre date.

Let’s not bring up the « blunder » that caused Nupes to be locally absent from this election. « But it is still a union, based on the Nupes’ program, between FI, EELV, and Génénration. This should not be overlooked, » corrects Sylvie Ferrer, the deputy of the 2nd district, who obviously supports the candidacies of Charles Rocheteau (FI, with Annie Legrand), also the mayor of Bazillac, and Clément Artigue (EELV with Claire Tareau). « In fact, we are true pairs, not temporary alliances. And we rely on the Nupes’ project, which is a programmatic agreement, not electoral. » The proof…

Plus de service public

Pour Clément Artigue, jeune ingénieur en sciences de la terre, « l’urgence est à la transition écologique, il faut repenser le modèle et avoir les moyens d’attirer et de fixer les jeunes dans nos campagnes. Mais pour cela, il faut de l’emploi, des transports et une offre de santé. » À ce propos, les candidats rappellent, au passage, leur opposition au projet d’hôpital unique.

Charles Rocheteau has the same goal of revitalizing rural areas, but he emphasizes the importance of « saving public services, whether it be education or healthcare. However, in order to do so, we must provide resources to the municipalities, which are the foundation and essential building block of our democracy. Nothing can be achieved without the municipalities and their mayors. If given the necessary tools, they can be the architects of ecological transition, the only ones capable of revitalizing their territory because they live there and have direct contact with the citizens. »

« Faire bouger le Sénat »

Sylvie Ferrer also sees the issue at the level of the Senate itself. « It is an assembly where we are underrepresented, the Nupes has 151 deputies and 1 senator. It is necessary to rebalance, currently, the Senate is right-wing and most of the amendments proposed by the Nupes are not examined there, due to lack of representatives. However, this would allow certain laws to progress. It should be noted that 70% of amendments that go before the Senate are adopted. As long as they are examined. Hence the need for rebalancing. Because we do politics to bring about societal change, not just to have seats. » But seats are necessary to bring about societal change…