Sénatoriales : Maryse Carrère, le territoire au cœur

l’essentielThe outgoing senator is finishing her marathon campaign, where she, along with Pierre Abadie, has met almost all of the mayors. This has further enriched her experience, if it was necessary.

C’est Michel Pélieu, son actuel remplaçant, qui le dit : « Maryse Carrère, c’est la bonne personne au bon endroit, elle a été maire pendant 16 ans, elle est toujours conseillère départementale, ce qui lui procure un vrai lien avec le territoire, et elle a désormais l’expérience d’un mandat de sénatrice. Elle n’en sera que plus engagée et efficace. »

Candidate à sa succession, Maryse Carrère rappelle son activité au Sénat, des dizaines de propositions de loi, d’amendements, de rapports, ce n’était pas ce que l’on appelle communément, un train de sénateur…

Le territoire d’abord

And even if it is a national mandate, for Maryse Carrère, it is primarily local. « What drives me is the territory, moving it forward. However, it is complicated, that’s the message the mayors have conveyed to us. They have more and more constraints and fewer resources, » summarizes the person who led a mission on the future of mayors and municipalities. « It is absolutely necessary to save the municipalities, which must remain essential foundations. But for that, we need to bring a breath of freedom to the communities, put an end to financial dependence, restore autonomy. I believe we are at a turning point for communities, and rethinking territorial organization will be at the heart of my mandate if I am reelected. » And she promises to tackle, once again, the famous law of Zero Net Artificialization, which will significantly reduce the possibilities of new constructions, especially in rural areas. « We have already managed to amend it slightly by establishing a minimum requirement of one hectare. But we know that the government will find a way around it, so we will get back to work. »

Pour la différenciation

And that’s not all, Maryse Carrère is determined to defend the territory in all areas. « Agriculture is one of the major issues, as well as healthcare or the maintenance of public services. But this will inevitably require breaking down barriers, differentiation. A law should not be applied in the same way in the city or in the countryside, or even in the mountains or on the plains. Flexibility needs to be established, and it will be at the heart of my next term. I believe we are at an important turning point for local communities. And therefore, the territory. »

And then, Maryse Carrère has another talent, which is knowing how to surround herself. Her replacement, Pierre Abadie, is an agriculturist, teacher, deputy mayor in Castelnau-Magnoac, and vice-president of the community of municipalities, is full of determination and qualities. Birds of a feather…